I have six drafts in my blog dashboard, and about three more ideas floating around in my head.  The very long stretches between posts have nothing to do with a shortage of ideas, but I’m obviously having a hard time taking any thoughts to a conclusion.

I could trace the problem to any number of factors: Molly Piper says moms can be scatterbrained after the loss of a child.  My brain is regressing to the level of all those Barney videos I’ve been watching.  Pinterest is sucking up all of my leisure time.  I’ve been hit with the nesting phase I missed out on at the end of my pregnancy, and have been distracted with rearranging furniture, change-of-season-cleaning, and making fall decorations.  This is the week my magazines came in the mail.

But I am excited about several posts I have in the queue, and I’m determined to finish them.  In fact, I


8 responses to “Fragments

  1. you’re funny indeed!

  2. oh pinterest..

  3. Your killing your fan club 😉

  4. snortle…

  5. Lindsey … I love your blog! Your mom told me about it but then Brittany Norman sent me a copy of one … you are a talented writer. Cannot wait to read more. Thanks for sharing your heart and being so transparent.

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