What’s New Around Here

You all have been such sports to read so many words from me lately.  How about some pictures to mix it up a bit?

I got Stephen to help me rearrange the furniture.  (Old pics here for reference)
The computer is now in our bedroom, which means that I could move the bookshelves from the dining room into the living room.  It makes the dining space feel much more roomy, and now Abby can’t throw food onto my books.  Also, we got new floors put in last month.  Goodbye, stains and smells from other families!

Aaah, room to breathe!  These wall ledges came from the other side of the room, and on this bigger wall I had room to add the two big frames for even more fun.

My new fall wreath!  Thank you for the idea, Pinterest.  It’s as cozy as a new fall sweater, but lots more pleasant in 90-degree temperatures.

I told you Stephen and I were debating a chicken-wire cage or a Burmese tiger trap for keeping Abby contained in her bed at night.  We finally settled on the Large Gate option.  While the 36″ gate cannot contain our 33″ daughter when she’s feeling really determined, it works as a deterrent most of the time. (Yes, she climbs it and pitches herself over the top.  It’s only happened once.)

Speaking of Abby, this is her latest discovery.  You might not think the chair-as-stepstool idea is that revolutionary, but it’s been a game-changer, I assure you.

I let Abby try my hot chocolate when we went out for breakfast the other day.  She’s a fan!

Abby and the neighbor’s dog have a standing date to meet here at this broken slat any time they’re both in the back yard.  How cute is that?

A sweet friend from high school made me this bracelet after Sam was born.  Isn’t it (and she) sweet?

This is “Plan B” in case the gate doesn’t work to keep Abby in bed at night.

4 responses to “What’s New Around Here

  1. cute bracelet! i always love it when you post pictures 🙂

  2. 1. you are re-confirmed as my domestic hero — you actually DID the wreath project from pinterest. I, on the other hand, just pinned it.
    2. look into a “learning tower” for the kitchen. Some are kind of expensive but if you can find one for resale. It’s like a ladder with a baby gate.
    3. we too have considered the dog crate option at bed…

    Love the pics!!

  3. haha, love the dog crate picture!

  4. I feel famous! More so, Barnum does! I still need to bring them over in their costumes. Barnum acatully loves his!

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