One Thousand

Five months, one thousand gifts counted.  Here they are counting by hundreds, plus a few of my favorites.

1.  “Sleeping in” this morning

26.  Abby snuggled into my shoulder, still hiccupping after a fit of emotion (still not sure which one), but at rest now in my arms.

42.  Crayon-drawn hearts given to me by my niece, addressed to “Anlense” (that’s Aunt Lindsey, for those of you who do not read five-year-old)

100.  Humility and grace even amid tough “disciplining” moments- realizing that I am not more teachable than Abby (Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner!).  Thanks for grace and patience from God- a much better parent than I!

124.  Abby running, arms stretched behind her like Superman

132.  A hot roll from the middle of the pan

158.  The first drink of Dr. Pepper

200.  Enjoying scenic drive with Laura on the way to our family retreat

249.  Old photo albums at Mom’s house

250.  That I do not look like those old pictures any more!

300.  Tiny teeth cutting through gums

315.  Driving at night, darkness surrounding, hymn mix playing

377.  Surprise visit from Stephen at lunchtime!

394.  Freshly shaved legs

400.  Baby Cheerio constantly on the move

489.  Abby dancing in her pajamas in the kitchen–happy in the morning!

496.  Greasy children running through the house, smelling like sunscreen

500.  Deep sleep after a hard day of eating and playing

502.  In the midst of a tantrum, Abby stops to pick a flower and give it to me.

540.  Getting lost in a book

559.  Juicy summer peaches

600.  Thankful for my godly, delightful, thoughtful husband and dad this Father’s Day!

617.  Fifteen Watsons in a small lake house

667.  Climate control relief in house and car from oppressive summer heat

683.  Compassionate tears in Dr. H‘s eyes as we make plans for Cheerio’s delivery tomorrow

700.  Quick progress of labor

708. Samuel Job, perfect and beautiful in my arms

761. Abby and Stephen playing chase around the couch; dancing, laughing to music playing–so thankful for my daughter and husband–my heart is full.

784.  Cards in the mail

800.  “Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces ever created”  (Matt Chandler)

853.  Cousin chaos

882.  Abby’s happy face through the window of the Chick Fil A playground

888.  She says “thank you,” unprompted!

900.  “Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight”  Amen!

907.  Fresh flowers in a Mason jar

953.  Google hangouts bring faraway family together

969.  Holding Stephen’s hand, coat buttoned tight, clip-clop of high heels on downtown sidewalks–fun in Minneapolis!

979.  Honeycrisp apples

995.  Former students, greeting me from great adolescent heights

1000.  “How, like a magnet among steel filings, the thankful heart finds the mercies and picks them out of the black dust of sorrow and suffering!”  (George Muller of Bristol)

“To know how we can count on God, we count graces,
but ultimately there is really only One.”
~Ann Voskamp

13 responses to “One Thousand

  1. I love all those moments along with you – thank you for letting me peak into your heart. I love you. ❤

  2. oops…*peek 🙂

  3. These blog posts automatically get sent to my phone. And I love the fact that I can be in Ohio, on my knees organizing a closet, get a blog alert, sit down in the closet to read your post, be brought to tears, smile, laugh, and then continue on with my project while thinking about my amazing friend. I wish our paths were closer, but I am thankful for the technology that give us the ability to still be “close”.

  4. …just popping over from Ann’s blog… (I have a weekly habit of looking at the post to “my” right and left… yours is on my left :))
    Loved seeing the “whole” list in one swoop— -nice. What a blessing! The thankful heart finds mercy and picks em—really appreciate the quote. This is what I found today!

  5. Thanks for coming by, even though I messed up my link picture! 🙂

  6. beautiful and so encouraging.

  7. I’m thankful for a sister who is an incredible role model and testimony to all who she encounters.

  8. #617?!?! Are you completely crazy?! You had more than dr pepper going on evidently;)

  9. @Clint…it was wonderful1

  10. Just wanted to say I love the photo of that sweet little hand on the pumpkins. Perfect touch.

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