Why Her Name is Abigail

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this here, and even though the child in question is two years old, this might still be interesting trivia for you baby-name aficionados out there.

Officially, Abby’s namesake is Abigail Adams, our country’s first Second Lady and second First Lady.  She represents the ultimate ideal to me: a woman completely devoted to her home and family, and at the same time exerting considerable influence on the world around her.  As she functioned as a helper to her husband, she played a role in shaping the creation of the United States.  No small feat for a woman who was at the same time (mostly singlehandedly) raising her four children, and maintaining the family home and farm.  Abigail Adams was known for her strength, intellect, and influence as she functioned as a wife, mother, and homemaker, not despite those roles, or in addition to them.  Talk about the ultimate Proverbs 31 woman!

That pretty much sums up our hopes for our Abigail: that she would be brilliant, well-read, industrious, and strong, and that those traits would inform and empower a life poured out in service to others.

Of course, there were other positive associations we had with the name Abigail that clenched its spot as our #1 Baby Girl Name:  In the Bible, Abigail appears in I Samuel 25 as a woman of boldness, strength, and discretion.  Abigail is also the name of one of my oldest friends, who knows more of my life story than anyone else outside of my family.

At this point in our life, we were basically joined at the hip, and were frequently mistaken for twins.

(Had to prove we both grew out of our awkward stage.)

Abby’s middle name, Emory, is the name of a little town in East Texas.  At the time of Abby’s birth, it was the home of her great-great grandmother.  It’s where our family gathered for many happy holidays, where several of our other relatives live, and where our dearly missed Granddude (my grandfather) is buried.

Abby is the first grandchild on my side of the family, and I wanted to give her a name that would reinforce her connection with a rich and blessed family heritage.

So, what shoulders she is standing on!  Abby may need therapy to get over many things from her childhood, but low parental expectations will not be one of them.


5 responses to “Why Her Name is Abigail

  1. Thanks for the follow up picture! 🙂

  2. Love all the Abigails…but most especially that little blonde pig-tailed girl with two pacifiers stuck in her mouth!

  3. Loved this entry…and just wanted to say that you and Abby Bandas were oh-so-lovable in what you referred to as your “awkward stage”. I’m so proud of how you girls turned out…lovely, godly women, wives and mothers!

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