Resolved: Will Do Better

There comes a time that a person must look deeply into herself (and/or at the Chick-fil-A napkin on the kitchen counter) and admit:
Maybe my system is not working.

Okay, fine!  I’m working on it.  Brilliant ideas for a low-maintenance budgeting method, anyone?  I’m sincerely asking.


10 responses to “Resolved: Will Do Better

  1. I have a monthly excel spreadsheet that I created. I have 2 columns, one for the first paycheck of the month and one for the second paycheck of the month. Each column has the bills that come out of that paycheck under it, under headings of ‘projected’ and ‘actual’ for expenses. I do not fill out the ‘actual’ column until I have actually paid the bill, so I know what has been paid, what needs to be paid, and I can keep track of where we are spending to much/budgeting too little. It is simple and works well for us. I hope you find a system that works for you!

  2. Mvelopes!! I have a one year gift card. What do you want to pay for it? 🙂

    • I tried Mvelopes and didn’t use it very well…I think I need something that will jump out of my computer and slap my face when I go over budget. The red numbers just don’t scare me enough.

  3. 12 years now…still looking…it just doesn’t exist.

  4. We use a program called “You Need a Budget” and it works really well. You can ask Chris about the specifics (since he is the nerd in our relationship.)

    –It’s free. It securely syncs with your online bank accounts.
    –It auto-categorizes your spending (it will put “Chick-Fil-A” in “Fast Food” unless you tell it otherwise.)
    –You can set up alerts via email, text, etc. for when you are close to hitting a budget ceiling or when you are over budget
    –Auto, at-a-glance charts and progress bars to see where you’re at with all of your budgets at one time
    –You can enter credit card, car debt, etc. and see your progress on it

    The website can be a tad daunting at first because it’s busy, but once you figure out which tools work for you, you’ll never go back.

  6. Well, we do have non-biological identical twin husbands, so using the same budgeting software would be an obvious next step to further confusing the world 🙂

  7. Okay, folks. Thanks for the good suggestions! I’ll let you know what we settle on!

  8. John also uses the site. He’s the money person in our family. It seems pretty in depth to me though, and I get confused. He finds it useful though.

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