Still Counting!

1001.  Falling asleep as the sound of crickets chirping comes through the open window

1012.  Bright orange pumpkins, a symbol that fall is here even if it’s still 90 degrees outside!

1013.  Wind chimes blowing frantically in the cold north wind

1030.  The smell of Play-Doh

1037: Thinking of Sam as I read Psalm 139:16: “Every day of my life was recorded in your book.  Every moment was recorded before a single day had passed.”

1056.  Abby picking a fight with Stephen: “Mommy is MY love!”

1057.  Tiny pink long johns

1065.  Ringing around the Rosy until I’m out of breath

1066.  Dogs stretched out, napping in the sun

1081.  Sam’s tree, planted deep in the front yard

1095.  Making this year’s Christmas card, reflecting on many happy moments of 2011

1097.  Rice socks tucked in between chilly sheets

1111.  An unexpected hug from friend at church: “Thank you for being you!”

1124.  Curled up on a comfy couch with a glass of wine, talking about books with friends

1135.  Abby sleeping, arms wrapped around teddy bears

1153.  Bright red Facebook notifications: Messages!  Friends!  Comments!

1156.  Abby throws a screaming fit in Target.  (How is this a gift?  I don’t know.)

1157.  Quiet at the end of a long day: curled in recliner with hot coffee, quiet music, and journal in hand.

1160.  Photo books arrive in the mail!  Reminders of summer and family fun.


3 responses to “Still Counting!

  1. 1081-that is a HUGE tree
    1097-rice socks also a treatment for early abscesses/boils and pink eye
    1124-I’m sure you meant grape juice

    • 1097- Good to know, and then important not to get my “foot warming rice sock” and “abscess treating rice sock” mixed up.

      1124- cough, cough…is that not what I said?

  2. Beautiful.
    Wine is good for the soul…IMO.
    Thankful that Abby has a voice, a will, a mind, can express herself….:)

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