The Mortar Board List

Bucket lists are depressing to me, because they involve thinking about my own death.  But I’ve been thinking about another kind of list that I’m calling my Mortar Board List: the experiences I hope to share with or provide for Abby before she graduates.  (side note: did you know that mortar board is not a compound word?  Thanks, Google!)

learn to use the potty all by herself

learn to bake bread from scratch (including kneading!)

bake and decorate Christmas cookies- rolled out dough, cookie cutters, the whole nine yards!

take a class together

get a pedicure together before an important event

go on a mother-daughter vacation

read the Little House books out loud together

go to summer camp

get at least one stamp in her passport

watch the full-length Pride and Prejudice

make a future family with catalog pictures

sleep outside for one whole night (no tents)

develop basic competency with major articles of sporting equipment

learn to change a tire

attend an A&M sporting event (football or baseball)

walk through campus together while I regale her with morality tales based on my own life experience

see a play on Broadway

ride a train

ride a horse

learn to drive a stick shift

play dress-up

have a tea party with real tea and snacks

ride a roller coaster

learn to plan, shop for, and cook at least a week’s worth of meals

memorize her whole catechism

memorize one whole book of the Bible

make a craft with glitter

visit Washington, D.C.

attend a concert of a teen crush or a midnight showing of a teen movie

to be continued…



5 responses to “The Mortar Board List

  1. good start for a list 🙂

  2. future families!

  3. I love this!! 🙂

  4. i really hope that you can help her use the potty by herself before she graduates from high school..that would be embarrassing.

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