The Most Wonderful Mail of the Year

I have a love/hate relationship with the Simple Mom blog, but I had nothing but cheers for the post this week in defense of Christmas cards.

Almost everyone I know says that they don’t have time to do Christmas cards.  And I’ll concede, they are time consuming.  Take (or choose) a picture, browse the millions of options for layouts, order and pay (!!), stuff and lick envelopes, track down addresses of friends and family, address envelopes, and then pay almost 50 cents per envelope to mail them all!

So I see how it can be a pain, unless you’re a complete Christmas card junkie like me, in which case you love the whole process.  For me, it’s an excuse to get dressed up for a great picture and to think about all the wonderful things that have happened to us over the past year.  Organizing my address book is a fun opportunity to think about all of my favorite people from all over.  And in the spirit of Christmas, I even lay aside my long-standing grudge against the USPS in appreciation of their fun holiday-themed stamps.

But the fun only begins when I put the cards into the mail.  And here’s where I wholeheartedly echo Simple Mom: “I still love sending cards–because I love receiving them.”

The weather outside may be frightful(ly warm), too many stores may use the holidays as an excuse for playing that pervy song “Baby, it’s Cold Outside,” and crowds of shoppers may make Wal-Mart a den of insanity.  But my heart expands like the Grinch’s when I get a card in the mail that is NOT a bill and NOT a Guitar Center circular, but instead is hand-addressed envelope containing a cheerful wish for a Merry Christmas and a photo of people I love.

Mine are on the way, and I’m looking forward to finding yours in my mailbox soon!


7 responses to “The Most Wonderful Mail of the Year

  1. My cards will be in my mailbox today, and then I will mail them out this week! I am so excited too! Hopefully you will have our card in you mailbox soon, and visa versa!

  2. Goodness gracious, I am impressed with yours and Abbey’s Christmas card schedule! Mine usually become “New Years” cards. But I agree – I love to receive them, and I always turn mine into Valentines decor to keep them around a little longer. If you will BOTH send me your addresses, I’ll add you to my list!

  3. We were in the military for many years, and moved a lot. Christmas cards became the way to keep in touch, and to this day I have friends from almost 40 years ago that I hear from…you guessed it…once a year. Not nearly as many as used to (we all get caught in the crunch, and I’ve trimmed my list a lot), but I still love to send and receive cards from my once-a-year friends. Now we just exchange pictures of grandchildren.

  4. Got your card yesterday!

  5. Emily loved your card. I got her to say Abby and she carried it around most of the day. (I loved it too by the way. 🙂

  6. Pintrest had an adorable idea for displaying them! I will show you sometime. I am
    Thinking of making one this week!

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