Record Keeping

I’m always looking for the perfect way to keep up with the precious details of Abby’s growing up.  Here’s my latest idea, based on something I saw on Pinterest (where else?).  Each of these took about 20 minutes, tops.  I looked through my recent photos for close-up shots with simple backgrounds (the first photo is better on this point than the second).  Then I added text using Picasa, which is a free photo editing software.  Easy peasy!

(Actually, one small detail that might be important: crop your pictures to the size you want–I used 8×10–BEFORE adding text, so that you can type up to the margins and not worry about losing anything in printing)


6 responses to “Record Keeping

  1. Love it!

  2. so cute 🙂 Glad you have Carbonite online backup…

  3. I love this! Great job Momma.

  4. Cute! Hey… I told Ian the other day that his Daddy was in Austin, and he said, “Hey, that’s where we went to meet Abby! And we ate ice cream! Mom, can we go there again?” Well, I don’t know if he’s truly more excited about Abby or ice cream, but I’m up for another meetup halfway if you are!

  5. I also don’t know how these little ones remember the things they do, too!

    • Let’s do it!

      And if I had the memory of a kid, posts like these would not be necessary! Abby never forgets when I tell her we can do something “later”!

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