Good {Enough} Housekeeping

Before Abby was born, I took great pleasure from hyper-organizing.  Sometimes I’d take all the books off of the bookshelf and re-shelve them in different categories.  I’d make inventory spreadsheets for our CD and DVD collection.  I’d tear articles and pictures out of magazines and file them in folders according to category (this is pre-Pinterest, obviously).  I’d move the shirts around in my closet according to color intead of sleeve length.

Just a lazy Saturday

I’d mop floors that were already clean, wipe down shelves that weren’t dusty, Lysol the bathroom that we never used.

Now that I have Abby underfoot, I’m feeling really great if I get the dirty dishes from one meal cleaned up before I have to start the next one.

I’ve had to embrace what one of my favorite magazines calls “Good {Enough} Housekeeping.”  Isn’t that a great concept?

Here is what that looks like in my house:

1.  Not worth folding: baby washcloths, underwear, kitchen washcloths, Stephen’s socks (they all look the same, and he doesn’t like the way I fold them anyway).

2.  Not worth organizing: books on Abby’s shelves.  If they’re all upright, it’s a good day.

3.  Not worth cleaning: anything that doesn’t look dirty (exception: toilets).

4.   Not worth owning: anything that needs to be ironed, anything that shows dirt, anything that is hand-wash or dry clean only, anything that cannot be easily replaced.

5.  Not worth doing indoors: any activity involving paint, glitter, or sand.  In Texas we can comfortably play outside 11 months out of the year.  There’s no reason to do arts and crafts on the dining table!

6.  Not worth cleaning up after: Indoor pets.  Phoebe and Callie, our once beloved surrogate children, now live entirely outdoors.  The house stays much cleaner, and I only have one small one underfoot.

7.  Not worth holding onto: Magazines.  The first time we moved, I packed a (very heavy) trunk full of back issues of my favorite magazines.  I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I don’t need to re-read them, I won’t ever keep up with filing favorite articles from them, and they’re not that attractive on my bookshelves.  So as soon as I’m finished reading, into the recycling they go!

8.  Not worth filing: bills.  We have so few paper bills these days, my 12-month accordion file was needlessly large and complicated.  I throw all bill receipts into a shoe box (therefore, they’re “filed” by date–newest on the top!).


3 responses to “Good {Enough} Housekeeping

  1. Amen to #4 and wish I could talk Jeremy into #6! Not only is Liberty not small (Lab), but the hair and dirt she brings in drives me insane!

  2. I like how throwing them in the shoe box “files” them by date! I usually just have to go dig through my “to be filed” pile to find what I am looking for.

  3. I really wish I had a good filing system. I did… once upon a time or so I thought, but clearly it wasn’t good enough for me to stick with it!

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