Cloudy with a Chance of a Complete Thought

You know this happens to me from time to time.  Apparently I only get so many complete thoughts in a month, and I’ve maxed out my limit.  But, what do you expect from the month that lasts for an eternity?  Besides, it’s cloudy outside today and I seem to have left most of my brain snuggled under my heavy winter covers.  So, it’s more shorts for you today!


Sometimes I get sucked into TV shows that make me think evil thoughts, and it scares me a little bit.  Like the time that Jack Bauer shot his ex-girlfriend/the double agent (what was her name?) ten times and I still screamed at the screen: “Shoot her again! Make sure she’s really dead!”  Or when I hoped that Mr. Schu on Glee would leave his wife so that he could get something started with the school guidance counselor.

Well, it happened to me again last night as we were watching Downton Abbey and Mr. Bates’ evil wife came on the scene and ruined everything.  I thought to myself, “It would solve so many problems if she would just die.  Who could arrange that?”


I re-read one of my old favorite books the other day.  It’s called Almost French,a and it’s the story of this Australian journalist who moves to Paris.  At one point the Parisian boyfriend scolds Sarah for going to the bakery in her sweatpants, claiming that it’s not kind to the baker (or anyone else on the streets who would have to look at her) for her to go out looking so sloppy.  I kind of wish this sort of thinking would catch on here.  It’s true; nothing spoils the scenery at Target like the sight of a grown woman still in her pajama pants.


I resolved to eat better this year, as usual.  You know the drill: carbs bad, sugar bad, veggies good.  Our diet book recommends dark chocolate as an “occasional indulgence” for when we really crave something sweet.  So I bought a bag of dark chocolate chips, which I raid most hours of the afternoon, but not every single hour.  Moderation, you know.


So Abby is being quite the big girl these days.  She’s sleeping through the night for the first time since we moved her to the big girl bed last June, and she’s about 60% potty trained.  Next baby habit on the chopping block?  Giving up the pacifier.  Lord, help us.


I’ve had a few more First World Pains since I talked about it here:

-No one has updated with an interesting Twitter status since I checked it last.
-My electric blanket is taking a long time to heat up.
-My computer screen is just a little small for me to watch my TV shows from bed.
– Amazon does not keep track of which episode of Frasier I watched last.
-Our wireless router is blinky, so I can’t use my iPod to check my e-mail from the kitchen.
-Starbucks doesn’t have a Koala station in the bathroom.


8 responses to “Cloudy with a Chance of a Complete Thought

  1. I strongly dislike Bates wife as well. That storyline is driving me crazy.

  2. Let’s trade! You potty train Aiden and I’ll work on the pacifier! 🙂

  3. i love the random shorts 🙂

    and i definitely think my definition of “moderation” for dark chocolate is probably not the same as grok’s..

  4. I don’t like dark chocolate. I know it is supposed to be great for you, but it is milk chocolate all the way for me! And I am totally hooked on Downton Abbey. I watched all the back episodes and now am wondering, will people mind too much if I leave a Super Bowl party early to watch the next episode? I mean, to put the baby to bed…

    • We just started watching season 2 online…when I saw how few episodes we have left before we’re “caught up,” I wanted to slow down!

      And I prefer milk chocolate too…preferably in cookies and poured over fake peanut butter and all sorts of other bad things. But I’m trying…

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