Friday Confessions

Friday is short-post day.  So I’m going to use this space today to get some things off my chest.  (Some of these come from a need I’m feeling to assert myself against the trends I’m seeing on blogs and Pinterest.  Others are just things I’m coming to terms with about myself.)

1.  I don’t get the fascination with mustaches.
2.  I don’t like Sinatra.
3.  I don’t like this craze over chevrons in decorating and clothing.
4.   When I say I’m going to “sew” something, I’m going to use stitch tape.
5.  If it’s a movie made before 1990, I don’t want to watch it, no matter how good you tell me it is.  If it’s not even in color, don’t even bother recommending it.
6.  I have no desire to live in a foreign country.  By that, I mean anywhere but Central Texas.
7.   I can’t read Dickens.
8.   I threw away 50% of the work that my students turned in without ever looking at it.
9.  Most of the time, I DO remember your name and how I know you.  But if you don’t seem to remember who I am, I’ll pretend we’ve never met.
10.   I’ll circle the block three times to avoid being the first one at a party.
11.  Yes, I was a teacher, but I still have no idea how to make small talk with children.  Or adults, for that matter.

Aaah.  Nothing like getting it all out in the open!


8 responses to “Friday Confessions

  1. You don’t “get” mustaches, like you don’t understand them or you don’t personally grow them. Confession: I have to wax mine, but I prefer to just say I waxed my upper lip. 🙂

    • Lol, I hadn’t thought of how that sounded. I have been confused with the number of mustache pins on Pinterest…like fake mustache tattoos, mustaches on drinking straws, mustaches on newborn pictures, mustache masks, etc. I just don’t get why everyone is so fascinated with them all of the sudden; they’re never that great in real life.

      I don’t think ladies ever have to call it a “mustache”–upper lip is perfectly true. Or, you can be like a lady that I think we both know and call them “stray eyebrows.” 🙂

  2. ditto on number 9. although there is one girl at church who i introduced myself to WAY to many times to be excusable before I finally started catching myself mid introduction and trying to backpedal. now THAT was awkward. so now i think that sometimes it’s appropriate to gently remind someone how you met (as long as it doesn’t make you look like a stalker), so that they don’t feel stupid when they start realizing how many times you’ve “met.”

  3. i was just talking about number 9 this morning! i pretend i don’t remember people ALL the time!

  4. In reference to this post, I thought you should know S giving you a hard time is a sign of affection.

  5. No movies before 1990?!?!?!?! You do realize that technicolor has been around since the 30s, right;). But for the record, I don’t like mustaches on anyone except Sam Elliot.

  6. Ha! Love the last one.

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