In Which You Learn Nothing About What Happened to My Old Phone

Hello, Mr. Cellular Service Representative, my current phone seems to be in distress.  Might you be able to transfer my number to this old phone of my sister’s?

What happened?  Well, the phone got wet.  I’d really rather not divulge any more than that, except to say that I have learned my lesson and will never carry my phone in my back pocket again, at least not near water.

Pardon?  Well, I wasn’t in the kitchen, I’ll leave it at that.  Yes, the phone was completely submerged.  You can’t expect me to even hint about what happened next, but you can be reassured that the phone did not stay in the water for long and that my subsequent activity involved plenty of hot water and antibacterial hand soap.

Yes, I did see that rice trick on Pinterest.  That’s where the phone has been for the last 24 hours, except that I forgot to take it apart first.

It’s still wet?  Well that can’t be from the original incident, that must be from the Clorox wipe that I used because…well, never mind.

Do I want to keep the old phone as a toy for my daughter?  Er, no thanks.

All set?  Well, thank you!  And yes, I will be careful with this one.  What’s that?  Be sure to check out the tinkling ringtones? Why are you laughing?  Oh, what do you know anyway!


7 responses to “In Which You Learn Nothing About What Happened to My Old Phone

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Enough said!

  2. This happens to a lot of people I hear. I thought it was such a freak thing the first time I heard about it, but then more incidents kept popping up. Yup. Join the crowd.

  3. I’m in the wet phone club. Once in a similar fashion to the above scenario, and twice in the cup holder in the car. The first time the cup had water in it and the phone survived with the rice trick. Second time the Dr. Pepper had an alarming corrosive effect that was not reversible.

  4. Hahaha! Poor phone 😦

  5. Did you know that, that kind of phone damage is, statistically speaking, THE MOST common reason people have to replace their phones….so don’t worry, you’re not alone 😉

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