Chatting on a rainy walk

After two days of rain, Abby and I were both so stir crazy that a walk sounded lovely, even though it was still drizzling and the wind was chilly.  As we walked, I quizzed Abby on the questions and answers of her catechism.

She broke off on a tangent somewhere around question 4, launching instead into the little conversation that she repeats with Stephen as he tucks her into bed at night.

Abby: “I am broken, Mommy is broken, Daddy is broken.”

Me:  “That’s right.  And who else?”

Abby names some of our family and friends: Mea and Pop, Mawmaw and Pawpaw, Eli and Brooke.

Me: “That’s right.  We’re all broken.  Who can fix us?”

Abby: “God can fix us.”

Me: “What is our medicine?”

Abby: “Jesus!”

We walk a few more steps, and out of the blue, Abby tells me that she has a sister (this is news to me!).

Me: “You know what you do have?  A brother.  Baby Sam is your brother.”

Abby: “Baby Sam is broken.”

Me: “No…Baby Sam is the only person in our whole family who is not broken!”

When we got home, Abby reviewed our conversation for Stephen, and assured him: “Sam is not broken.  God has already fixed him.”

Just one of the many times that I’ve started a conversation thinking I’m the teacher, and realizing that I’m speaking the very words that I need to hear myself.


6 responses to “Chatting on a rainy walk

  1. I don’t know how many times you have encouraged my heart with your writings and spurred me on to be a better mother to Amelia. God has given you so much wisdom, more than you think, about parenting. I learn a lot by watching you with Abby. Thank you for letting me be a part!

  2. Sweet friend, what beautiful truth. Delicately told, lovingly lived. I thank Kristin for sharing this on her wall, so I could be blessed by the words and experiences God is giving you. 🙂

  3. What a conversation! I need to loan you my kids for a few weeks!

  4. Thanks for the kind words…but don’t get the wrong idea about what goes on at my house. Notice this is the first conversation that’s been worth recording in two and a half years!

  5. How precious.

  6. We are all ‘teachers’ and we are all ‘learners.’

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