Lasting Effects of Pinterest

Pinterest and I had a summer romance, exciting and intense and ultimately short-lived. At first I was taken in by all of the pictures of brilliant storage solutions, party themes, Ryan Gosling, and sinful recipes.  But after a while I felt like I was seeing all the same ideas over and over; I realized that I only intended to use a small handful of the ideas I’d pinned, and I went back to my old favorite ways of wasting time.

In my life, I can now identify  three remnants of my relationship with Pinterest.  One is a “cream of –” recipe that I use instead of canned cream soups.  The other is the brilliant idea of placing a colander inside a big bowl, and using it to hold ice for beverages while entertaining.  It’s not quite as classy as an ice bucket, but it’s a step up from a bag of ice in the sink, which was my previous m.o.

The last, and most visible, Pinterest holdover is my front door, which now boasts new and lovely wreaths for every season.  Pinterest really affirmed my can-do attitude when it comes to this small but striking seasonal display.

My first, and most ambitious, wreath project was the yarn and felt flower fall wreath.  It was really lovely, but–hello!– it took forever to make.

I tried an easier method for the Christmas wreath, and I have to say, my love for this kind of wreath is the real thing.  You make a really long tube of fabric (skinny or full, depending on how fluffy you want your folds) and scrunch it over a wreath form.  I used hot glue to hold the fabric together together, that’s how much of a craft slacker I am.

After Christmas I took down the big bow and hung a red glittery heart, and there the wreath stayed until after Valentine’s Day.

Then, I shimmied the white tube off of my wreath form, made a new tube from burlap, and–voila!– here is the latest edition, which can last me through the next several seasons.

I cannot explain to you why I can’t get this photo to turn right-side-up.  But I used up all my patience on Abby today, so you’ll just have to turn your  head to get the idea.  Anyway, I may or may not hang something in the middle.  I’m open to the idea if I find the perfect ornament, but I kind of like it simple, too.

In completely non-Pinterest related news, here’s the progress on our Lent beans.  I’m really hoping that God is not trying to tell us who is making the most progress in the character department.  If Abby is really beating me this bad, He must be grading on a curve.


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  1. haha, where’s yours?

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