Counting Gifts, 3/7

1481.  Abby pulls up a chair beside me and asks, “How was your day?”

1485. Snuggled under a warm blanket, watching “Once Upon a Time” with Laura

1508. Doing the “tee-tee dance” through the house to celebrate every  victory

1514. Fat snowflakes falling from the sky!

1522. Her butterfly wings glittering in the sun as we walk to the mailbox

1526. Pink heart pancakes

1544. Practicing James 1 with Stephen as we do dishes

1556. Abby’s soapy hair in a mowhawk

1582. Short sleeves, bare arms, soaking up early spring sun

1562. Couch pillow trampolines in the living room

1569. Introducing Abby to my old childhood friends: Johnny Lion, Little Bear, Frances, Madeline

1604. Up late with Abby’s night terrors…I’m tired and despairing but who else would I want to hold her at at this moment?

1612. Me: “Where is Baby Sam?” Abby: “He’s at God’s.”

1614. The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

1619. Back on college campus and visiting old hangouts- happiness of past memories untainted by sadness of past hurts…finally!

1631. Taxes done!  Refund in the mail!

1633. Fun morning with old friends in Austin

1634. A kind stranger turned in my wallet and phone–untouched– when I left it in the bathroom!

1635. Second trip to Austin today…thankful for Stephen’s company in the car and that we didn’t have anything else to do tonight but go pick up my wallet!


7 responses to “Counting Gifts, 3/7

  1. leslie.caroline

    so many great things 🙂

  2. im surprised abby sits still in the bath without screaming long enough for a mohawk! she’s come so far!

  3. So many precious memories. I’m especially glad about 1619, God does heal our hurts. Continue to make those memories!!!

  4. Well, I don’t know I really like 1481, 1508, 1522, 1544, 1556, 1569, 1612, 1614, 1631, 1633, 1634, 1635. I like the other ones, but these are my favorites…

  5. Sorry to hear about the phone fiasco, but SO glad it worked out! And also glad to have our fun outing in Austin with you and Abby!

  6. Cove Nazarene Church

    Can I say that this was terribly convicting to me. I am naturally a negative person. I find it easy to focus on the negative all of the time, when, as you have shown, there are so many positives and blessings that I could concentrate my attention on.

  7. Ditto! Counting gifts has caused a radical shift in my thinking. Give it a try!

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