Who Needs Original Thoughts When Movie Quotes are So Fun?

These are some of my favorite, most quotable movie lines of all time.  Try not to be intimidated by the level of sophistication in this diverse list of movies that have formed my character.

“Come out, little dudes…we don’t want to hurt you, we just want to kidnap you!”
-Fester, the 3 Ninjas
perfect for adding humor and/or suspense to any game of hide-and-seek

“You think that, Jane, if it makes you happy.”
-Mr. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice
A good retort to anyone who persists in voicing irrationally optimistic opinions.

“We neither of us perform to strangers.”
-Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice
I quietly whisper this to Abby when she refuses to be friendly.

“Won’t you join me in taking a turn about the room? It’s so refreshing!”
-Miss Bingley, Pride and Prejudice
Oh, I just remembered one more.  I wish this was still a socially validated form of exercise. Elizabeth Bennet would never have felt peer pressure to do something like P90X!

“You don’t know what I suffer!”
“Have you no compassion for my poor nerves!”
-Mrs. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice
Useful to have in the back pocket for those martyr-mother moments.  And yes, I realize that makes four quotes from this movie, but please! It’s six hours of Jane Austen.  You’re lucky I’m stopping there.

“Put your sunbonnet on! Your skin’s going to get all leathery!”
Ma,  Little House on the Prairie premiere
Perfect for going outside almost any day here in Central Texas.

“What am I, invisible?”
Margaret, the Buttercream Gang
Appropriate in almost any imaginable situation.

“Goodbye, George, see you next Thursday!”
-Franck, Father of the Bride
A great farewell to anyone who’s just taken a handful of illegal sleeping pills, or anyone about to doze off the natural way.

“We’ll have the chipper chicken.”
-George, Father of the Bride
 We’ve been dieting since New Year’s.  Chipper chicken is all we’ve had around here lately!

“We’ll just call you Rita, Diva with a ‘Tude.”
Sister Mary Clarence, Sister Act 2
With Abby in my life I get to use this one all the time.

“These mashed potatoes are so creamy.”
Midge, While You Were Sleeping
One of the few clearly spoken lines in the midst of a chaotic family dinner scene, this is a favorite to throw into any random conversation.

“You all thought I was stupid, but it was all a big facade.”
-Mr. Vice President, My Fellow Americans
Delivered correctly, this line rhymes “facade” with “parade.” You have to be careful that whoever you’re talking to understands that this is an ironic movie quote, not evidence of your own ignorance.

“Men of sense, whatever you may say, do not want silly wives!”
-Mr. Knightley, Emma
I don’t use this one much any more, but it brought me a lot of comfort in my college days.

“I’m going to Bedfordshire.”
-Bridget, Bridget Jones’ Diary
One of many memorable lines from this movie, but the only one that’s fit to quote in front of a toddler or post on a public domain blog.  But what’s not to like about a line that makes my favorite activity–tucking in for the night–sound like a charming English vacation?

“The point is moo.”
-Joey, Friends (yes, I know…not a movie)
As he goes on to explain, a moo point is one that “is so stupid, it’s like something a cow would say.”

“Would you keep that racket down?  I’m trying to iron, here!”
-Edna, Hairspray
Oh, who am I kidding?  I could never quote this.  To bad Edna doesn’t say “I’m trying to shake the wrinkles out of these shirts,” because that’s all that goes on in my house.

What would you add to this list?


9 responses to “Who Needs Original Thoughts When Movie Quotes are So Fun?

  1. My cousin and I quote the one from While you were sleeping ALL THE TIME. Except, we use the next line as well “These mashed potatoes are so creamy. Mary mashed them.”

    How about “This isn’t China silk?” Little Women. Used whenever anyone makes excuses for why something isn’t as nice as it could be.

    I could go on all day. Especially from Little Women.

  2. Here are some I use often since having kids…

    “You’re killing me Smalls!” from The Sandlot for whenever my kids are doing something silly, stupid, or dangerous (after being properly deterred, of course).

    “There’s no crying in baseball.” Hmm, can you tell I have boys since I am quoting baseball movies? This one is from A League of Their Own, and I will sometimes modify if others’ kids are at my house, “Hey… there’s no crying at Ms. Karen’s house!”

    “Here’s looking at you, kid.” From Casablanca, but just something fun to say, especially in a moment when you’re particularly smitten with your children (although sometimes that moment is quite fleeting).

  3. I agree with the changing up of the “There’s no crying in _________!” I think I say that everyday.

    “Oh, isn’t butter divinity! God thank you for this breakfast!” -Little Women. I say this (at least in my head) every time I put butter on ANYTHING!

    • I like a similar quote from Julie/Julia that goes something like: “Any time you say ‘This is delicious! What’s in it?’ The answer is always butter.”

  4. I remembered some more:

    From 10 Things I Hate About You: “Don’t touch that! You might get hepatitis!”

    Also around back-to-school time I always think of the line from You’ve Got Mail: “If I knew where you lived I’d send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.”

    And for moments when teenage insecurity rares its ugly head: “I’m not Josie Grossie any more!” from Never Been Kissed.

    Man, I want to go watch all of these now.

  5. Fun post!

    “What one man can do, another man can do. I’m going to kill the bear.” Also, “What do people die of in the woods? Shame.” And “Why is the rabbit unafraid? Because he’s smarter than the panther.” All from The Edge, one of our most quoted movies that I just watched again last weekend. Good views on survival of anything.

    “You want me on this wall, you need me on this wall!” and so many other good quotes from A Few Good Men

    “Armani don’t also make Polyester!” from Father of the Bride, on clothing not living up to expectations

    “My feelings forbid it in every respect.” “Then you suppose wrongly, Jane.” “And what is your name, sir?” “I am all astonishment” all of course from Pride and Prejudice

    “Drama, drama, drama” from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” From LOTR

  6. How about:
    “I’ll have what she’s having.” from When Harry Met Sally
    Makes me laugh every time.
    “My name is Inigo Mantoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” from Princess Bride
    and since someone mentioned 10 Thing I Hate About You then you have to add, “I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.” You may have to add the eye roll yourself. I think I could probably find 10 more quotes from that movie, but I’ll stop here.

  7. We are two peas in a pod!

  8. Like, “There is a difference between like and love. I like my sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack!”

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