The Obligatory Bluebonnet Pictures of 2012

If you’re not from Texas I don’t know if you can understand what a big deal it is for parents to take pictures of their children in a field of bluebonnets every spring.  In high school, I actually referenced “taking bluebonnet pictures” in a senior essay about my aspirations for the future as a symbol of everything I hoped and dreamed about motherhood.

Last year, much to my disappointment, I didn’t get any bluebonnet pictures because neither the bluebonnets nor my daughter were cooperative.  This year, well…at least the bluebonnets were back!

Warmed her up to the flower patch by showing Abby the “cat’s claw”
inside each petal.

Mommy does know how to run!  Racing to another side of the field.

The things we do to get a smile…



5 responses to “The Obligatory Bluebonnet Pictures of 2012

  1. I call it the time of year to… hurry pull over very unsafely on the side of the highway and throw your kids into the weeds! Every year it’s fun, and 100% required.

  2. They are ALL wonderful pictures. Of course with the subjects: Abigail, Bluebonnets, and you, Lindsey…they couldn’t be bad!!!

  3. so adorable – am I getting prints of these?

  4. Sarah Johnson

    I think these may be my favorite bluebonnet pictures of all time. She so cute…and getting so big!

  5. I love the one with her sticking out her tongue! She’s precious!

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