Thirteen Weeks and Counting…

We’ve almost cleared the first trimester with Baby Tres.  As usual, time seems to be flying and creeping simultaneously.  Here are answers to some of the first questions most people ask about this pregnancy; I’ll think out loud on this topic in more detail in the weeks to come!

1.  Thirteen weeks means that this baby is due toward the end of October.  I’m already getting my hopes up for an early induction, but that decision is pretty far down the road.  No, I’m not worried about being pregnant through the summer; as you’ll recall I’m quite a pro at summer babies!  If anything, I love a good excuse to look fat in a bathing suit.

2.  Yes, I am a little extra nervous this time around.  Every expectant mom worries, to an extent, about such a complicated process going on outside of her control.  I think it’s especially worrisome in the first few weeks before it’s possible to feel baby kicks and see distinct belly swelling; it’s hard to believe it’s really true.  I’ve definitely had a better attitude toward my first-trimester nausea and fatigue, as it’s at least been SOME sign that things are happening inside my body!

3.  Yes, I’ve been feeling puny, but nothing too severe.  I’m mostly very tired, which explains the state of my house for those of you who might drop in.  I quickly got over my “need” to be productive during Abby’s naps.  One day I even snuggled down to sleep under a pile of unfolded clothes!  But guess what?  All that work is still waiting for me in those moments when I do have energy (or Stephen helping me!).  And the naps have felt really good.

4.  Abby is a very excited big sister.  She’s been involved in the conversation about Baby Tres’s arrival from the beginning, including spilling the beans that “There’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy!” to Stephen’s youth group.  I still don’t know how she’s putting all the details together; she often refers to our new baby as “Sam.” But she has one thing straight, as she informed Stephen last week: “Mommy has a baby in her tummy, and when it comes out it will wear tiny little shoes!”

4.  We do plan to be surprised by the gender again.  We’ll have our big ultrasound in May to confirm normal development, but we won’t get the Big Reveal until that day in the delivery room.  I know most of you don’t believe me, but the suspense is fun!  And I dare you to come up with one way I won’t be able to “plan” for Tres’s arrival.

5.  Our name choices are the same as last time.  How good is your memory?  Or, you can browse the archives here…I think I did reveal them at one point.

6.  I had an early ultrasound done by a nurse practitioner, and I saw my real doctor at the first of this month.  I don’t get a lot of special “high risk” treatment this time around unless I ask for it.  We agreed we might do a little extra monitoring in the last trimester, but will act as normal as possible other than that.  What we both know, even though we don’t say it out loud, is that there’s no definite way to control against a second stillbirth, so there’s no sense in getting too stressed out about it.  I didn’t learn all those lessons about God’s sovereignty for nothing!


5 responses to “Thirteen Weeks and Counting…

  1. I think I pestered you with most of these questions this morning. I guess I should have checked your blog first!

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out. I love the (growing) Harris-Watson family! 🙂

  3. How do you pronounce “Tres”? Spanish with the “s” or like in dominoes with the “y” ending?

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