2T Shorts

The other day Abby was sitting in the shopping cart at the grocery store, and we were quietly walking down the paper towel aisle.  Seemingly out of nowhere, she said (in a very sassy tone) “No! No!”  Startled, I asked, “What are you talking about? What are you saying ‘no’ to?”  Abby considered for a minute, and then answered, “Anything.”  That pretty much sums up two and a half.

The good news is, I have many great chances to use my Sister Mary Clarence quote: “We’ll just call you Abby, diva with a ‘tude.”


But let me be fair–as toddlerhood becomes more challenging, it’s also getting lots more fun.  There’s nothing an infant does that’s as funny as a two-year-old trying to do the hula, telling her first joke, or ordering the dogs around.  We color and paint, read books with plots and characters, and use scissors and glue.  It’s a daily delight to hear Abby sing along with her CDs in the car and to eavesdrop on her when she talks to herself.  That level of fun is nothing to shake a rattle at!


So, books:  Here are some of her recent favorites: Is Your Mama a Llama?, A Birthday for Frances, Johnny Lion’s Rubber Boots, the Little Critter books, If I Had a Gorilla, Love Splat, The Grouchy Ladybug, Too Many Books, Each Peach Pear Plum, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse.  And most recently: Madeline!  It’s the fulfillment of my motherhood dreams to share my old favorites with my own daughter. When she’s old enough for Little House, I might just die of happiness.


Last night we went through the usual routine for bedtime prayers: thanking God for the highlights of the day, thanking God for all the members of our family, and ending with a little recited prayer.  After I finished, I asked Abby if she had anything to add.  She said, “Thank you God for Eli (her BFF), for Mawmaw , and for Barney.”  After a pause, I said, “Anything else?”  She said, “No, I think that’s everything.”  Amen!


So we finally gave up the pacifier.  The paci had become a major source of conflict (she’d want it all during the day during “non-approved” times, or throw fits when it was time to put it away), so I was motivated to get rid of it, even if it meant a few weeks of misery and sleeplessness for us both.  But it has been a remarkably, eerily easy transition!  The week before my planned Paci-Drop day, I started dropping hints: “You know, you’re getting to be such a big girl you’re not going to need that paci much longer,” or “I think we’ll be ready to get rid of those pacis soon.”  Finally, on the designated day, I told Abby this was it: time to be a big girl and throw away the pacis.  So I let her take one last drag from all of them, and then she threw them (reluctantly) into the trash.  I immediately bagged the trash and took it to the dumpster.  She whined during this process and then cried for the paci that day during nap time (for about three seconds, before she fell asleep), and after that it was pretty smooth sailing.  She’d moan about it in the car, but quickly move on to something else. We haven’t even mentioned it for the last couple of days, except to brag to everyone we see what a big girl Abby is growing up to be.  (If only all of our growing up could be so easy!)


Between my unskilled photography and my usually-uncooperative subject, I don’t have nearly as many photos of Abby as I used to.  (Which is a shame, because she’s getting cuter!)  So it’s always a treat to accidentally get a picture like this one.  (I think Stephen gets the photo credit here.)


2 responses to “2T Shorts

  1. The only thing greater than wonderful motherhood is blessed Grandmotherhood! Love you girls so, so much…Love, Mea 🙂 XOXOXO

  2. We have a friend who had the same paci issues with her son, only to have the whole issue resolved by the dentist. On the reception desk was a big glass jar for kids to put their paci’s in. The dentist then gave the recipient a t shirt with a paci in the center with a red circle and a line through it. Everytime they went the dentist after that, he’d look at the jar to see if he could find his paci:)

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