Favorite Things, Springy and Otherwise

Our chickens moved into their big-girl coop a couple of weeks ago.  It is such a delight to have their stinky selves out of the garage, and I do not miss the chore of changing out their papers!

Now I can enjoy them as nature intended, which is to say, in ways that do not involve coming in contact with their poop multiple times a day.  (Their presence in the back yard has filled Phoebe and Callie with a very unattractive bloodlust however, and while Stephen’s coop has proved secure so far, I live in constant dread of happening upon chicken bits when I go into the back yard.  But I will get off the topic of my dogs now, because this is not a post about my most hated things.)  Those of you who know me well probably suspect that I pretend to be Ma when I go out to change the chickens’ food and water.  And you would be right, of course.

When we drive in the car, Abby loves to listen to her Psalty or Veggie Tales CDs.  This is some of my best uninterrupted time, and I make the most of it by tuning into some of my favorite podcasts that I keep loaded on my iPod.  (With only one ear bud in, I’m still driving safely, right?)  Anything by Tim Keller or David Platt is guaranteed to challenge and inspire.  My newest favorite is Ligon Duncan, who I heard for the first time at the Together for the Gospel conference last month.  If podcast sermons are even remotely interesting to you, I can’t recommend these three preachers enough.

I’m sure some of you have been wondering what ever came of my Easter wreath.  Well, I did find the perfect centerpiece for it, at my grocery store of all places.  I liked it so much I kept it up for an extra month or so.  According to the church calendar, the Easter season extends all the way until Pentecost (50 days after Easter Sunday), so I wasn’t at all tardy when I just took this down last week to replace it with something patriotic looking for the Memorial Day through July 4 season.

While we’re on the subject of decorations…I really enjoyed my table displays for Epiphany and Lent.  But we’re in Ordinary Time now, and there’s something soothing about simplicity, don’t you think?

My sister just moved back to town.  I’m beside myself with excitement at having her close by, and hoping that she’ll start a trend for the rest of my siblings to come back, too!

My school-year Bible studies are on break for the summer, which means I’m on my own for quiet time materials.  I am really enjoying Journibles from the 17:18 Series, which is built on the discipline of hand-writing books of the Bible.  In these mostly-blank books, the right hand side of the book is for the Bible text, and the left hand is open for observations and notes.  Moving at the pace of my own handwriting causes me to slow down and pay attention to every word.  I did James over the course of last year, and have just started Romans.

I’m normally a dryer girl when I do laundry, but I do having this clip hanger on the back porch for swimsuits and such during the summer.  He keeps all the drips outside, and he’s cute to boot!  (You can get your own drying octopus at IKEA.)


4 responses to “Favorite Things, Springy and Otherwise

  1. I love that you have chickens. I keep thinking of the end of Sense and Sensibility (film) with Edward Farris (aka Stephen) chasing the chickens.

  2. our drying octopus (octopi really) are used for hanging the masterpieces that seemed to be mass produced around here. love my little hanging friends!

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