Mid-Year Resolutions

You know I’m always up for a little self-improvement.  But we’re in that part of summer when the wind feels like dragon’s breath and when the driveway burns my bare feet even after dark, so I’m not asking too much of myself at the moment; just working on a few obvious habits that I never should have picked up in the first place.


Will not surrender control of emotions to any of the following: sleep-deprived toddler, houseflies, inanimate objects, pets,  political news reports, inflammatory tweets or Facebook status updates.  (Any more.)

Will not read comment threads from theological or political blogs and articles.  (Why is this so hard? They’re always frustrating, never enlightening, and leave me feeling like I’ve just flushed time down the toilet.)

Similarly, will not waste mental energy composing rebuttals for opinions or ideas expressed on bumper stickers.

Will not drink soda that is warm, watered-down, or otherwise unsatisfying, even if it is right in front of me. (Consume empty calories, fine, but at least enjoy them!)

Will not use social media to vent complaints about the weather.

Will not blog unless I have something to say, and will stop stressing over posting on a schedule, even if this defies good-blogging wisdom. (Did anyone even notice when I WAS sticking to a schedule?  I didn’t think so.)

Will finish home video-editing project before Baby Tres arrives.  Will STOP taking long videos and telling myself, “I’ll edit this down to the good parts later.”

Will stop using games of hide-and-seek as opportunities to nip from the ice cream in the freezer.

Will say yes to every opportunity to get in a pool or sit like Shamu in the middle of the splash pad.


2 responses to “Mid-Year Resolutions

  1. Laughed out loud! Right there with you on the sleep-deprived toddler challenge…

  2. The weather one made me laugh out loud, and well, I’m in an interesting setting for laughing loudly… (a wine bar because I needed wifi and the coffee shop was closed, seriously I HAD to work, and we don’t have internet at the house). But I can’t stand it when people post those pictures of their car thermostats that read 115 degrees or whatever… and weather is a pretty boring topic anyway. I also have to be careful because as much as would like to talk about how the weather is AMAZING in CA, I better not, knowing what my Texas friends and family are enduring right now. 😉

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