When Daddy’s Away, Mommy and Abby will Play (Part 1)

This time of year, Stephen’s job takes him out of town every few weeks.  I never get to use up enough of my words when he is gone, as evidenced by the daily email updates I sent him earlier in the year when he went on a mission trip for a week and didn’t have reliable phone service.   The last week of this year’s busy away-from-home season is coming up soon, so to commemorate the occasion I’m going to give you a little glimpse into what life is like in our house when he’s out of pocket.  I’m spreading this out over two posts because, even in this very abridged format, it runs a little long!

Sunday, March 25:

I wore a new dress today.  All these army wives never told me that I shouldn’t go shopping right after the husband leaves town!  Yesterday I ran into HEB for some eggs and a pizza for dinner, and left with ice cream and a new dress (evil Super HEB).  So much easier to justify all sorts of things when the man of the house is away. (Which also explains the fact that we were eating pizza for dinner to begin with, AND the fact that I bought egg rolls–aka Chinese hotdogs– for another night that I might accidentally be stuck at home providing food for us).  Anyway, the dress looked great and was very comfy.

Your mom invited both of your brothers to lunch after church.  Since Easter is coming up, she said not to expect a “full meal,” which as it turns out means a big brisket, veggies, salad, and STORE BOUGHT rolls.  What a slacker!  Of course Abby was nowhere to be seen for the whole day, with the exceptions of the times I caught her raiding the candy bowl and the one time she let herself out of the back yard without anyone noticing.

Abby decided to use up all of her naughty for the day in that last hour before bed, to the point of crawling underneath the dining room table to hide from me when I called her.  Oh, and she really did hide from me (in a really good spot!) after she gobbled TWO jelly beans instead of one for going tee-tee.  So the night ended with a bit of a Reign of Terror, but I figured I could pull it together for one hour of parenting since I’d basically abdicated my role to the cousins for all the previous hours of the day.

Tuesday, March 27:

After being gone from waking to sleeping yesterday, it was nice to have a morning at home.  I never thought I’d say that, especially not on a day when you’re gone, which always makes minutes tick by slowly anyway.  But I cleaned while Abby watched Barney, and then we got the oil changed in the Sentra and went to the Car Wash Barn. Do I know how to show our girl a good time or what?

I had such high hopes for myself and all I was going to get done on this day of being HOME at nap time…my scrapbook project is coming along so slowly, and I like to have a new blog to post on Wednesdays, and there are some definitely dirty spots on the floor that need some attention.  But all I did was tend to the pressing matter of ordering a refill of dish soap and dog food before I crashed into bed for a much-needed nap.  Oh, but while I was on the computer I ate some bites of chocolate ice cream.  I just brought the whole half-gallon to the computer desk and ate out of the carton with a spoon.  And I have the nerve to say that it’s ME who civilizes YOU when we’re together!


One response to “When Daddy’s Away, Mommy and Abby will Play (Part 1)

  1. I love life’s little details…makes me feel like I am there too. You are going to write a great novel someday. 🙂

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