When Daddy’s Away, Mommy and Abby Will Play (Part 2)


Thursday, March 29:

So here’s something to know about your daughter: Breakfast is out.  She hasn’t eaten mush or a waffle since you left!  I bought some Go-gurts to take to the zoo, and in the mornings it’s been gogurt and juice or nothing.  Today I tricked her into eating half of my muffin by putting it on my own plate, which of course made it irresistible.   But you know, I’ve never pretended to understand her.
What is in with her?  Pretending there are lions all over our house.  Again, don’t ask me why.
Bath, bedtime, etc. was pretty routine.  We’re still in the thick of the “Jesus Loves the Little Children” phase.  I try to meditate on the truth that Jesus does in fact love children without getting too distracted of the blatantly-un-PC line about the various races.  I’m pretty sure no one in the whole world refers to people as “red” or “yellow” any more.  And they don’t even mention brown!  If you’re going to try to color-label your people groups, it seems like that would be an important one to remember.
Saturday, March 31:
You’ll be walking through the door in the next couple of hours, so I know it’s not necessary to send you an update from the day.  But it’s been such a fun one, and I’ve had such a nice time with these recaps anyway, that I thought I’d send one more just to make it a full set.
Abby slept in until past 8:00 this morning.  Need I even say more about this day?  I have not been facing my days like a lion tamer this week (or for the past couple of weeks, as you know), so I woke up especially well rested and ready to take on the day.
I finally wised up and put the Wedgie Tales CD in the car so that Abby can listen in the back while I turn Michael Medved on my iPod.  Between this my trip to Austin today and the two earlier trips to Waco, I’m definitely caught up.  Ask me anything about the Republican primary, the Paul Ryan or Obama budgets, or the Trayvon Martin case.  I am a font of information, at least for the moment.
B.’s game was, well, a flag football game.  You know me well enough to know I didn’t catch even one play.  At some point B. hit someone somewhere with his face and was down on the field for a few minutes, so I did pay attention then.  But then they started playing football again and suddenly my bag of sunflower seeds became interesting to me once again.  But don’t take that as a complaint; Abby played with A. and sat in the truck with Mawmaw and Old P. for the whole time, so it was like being back in college when I’d just go soak up the sun and enjoy my idle thoughts.
In other wound news, today’s big news is that the scab on Abby’s elbow is 80% detached, causing pain and agony every time it gets agitated.  I have tried twice to “accidentally” knock it off, but that last 20% is really stuck on there.
After nap and Barney we went to Wal-Mart, where I spent an inordinate amount of time shopping for a baby pool.  Part of the problem is that the pool display is not actually located underneath where the pools are suspended from the ceiling, but rather can be found in the garden center.  Anyway, I won’t re-hash that whole story, but I will say that I am very thankful that that [darn] pool fit in the car after all I went through to find it, and we enjoyed a lovely evening playing with it.  Also, it was “free” because the great customer service reps allowed me to return those five shirts I bought that were too small, even though I had removed tags, thrown away my receipt, and laundered them all.
Just read your text; you’re still 30 minutes away!  And I’ve been worried you’d walk through the door before I finished typing this email.  Guess I will have time to clean up the bathroom, after all.

2 responses to “When Daddy’s Away, Mommy and Abby Will Play (Part 2)

  1. “Wedgie Tales” sounds like a cd Owen would like.

  2. Love these posts.

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