Live Tweeting a Visit to the OBGYN

I’ve made you wait over a week for a new post…you knew it would be a home run when it finally came, didn’t you?  Yes, folks, you get to come with me to the doctor’s office today.

I did NOT actually live tweet my hours at the hospital because I think it’s bad etiquette to force this kind of intimacy with folks who may think it’s TMI. But since you’re here at my blog, I assume you are always happy to hear whatever I’m thinking, even if it’s gynecological in nature.  So, without further ado:


“Cramming” for my glucose test = forgoing nightly ice cream the day before and eating butter only on breakfast muffin. Hope I pass!

Just dropped Abby off at Grandma’s. Feels like Mom’s Day Out, even if I have to spend the whole time at the hospital.

Hoping to accomplish Hospital Trifecta this morning: blood work, financial office, checkup. If I can be done in three hours, will consider it a gold medal for efficiency.

Drinking glucose solution. Pretty sure if I didn’t have diabetes 10 minutes ago, I do now!

Mandate 3 hr fast followed by .25 mile trek across 110-deg. parking lot. Then drain blood out of my veins.  Are you sure my dr knows about this? Seems Medieval.

Some confusion in the $$ office about my account. But nothing cuts through bureaucratic red tape like announcing that I’m here to write a check for $5K.

The lady ahead of me is holding a Dr Pepper as she checks in for her appointment. So brazen! I thought we all pretended to have only healthy habits here. Feel like a chump with my stupid unsatisfying ice water.

Would like to collect thoughts while I sit in waiting room. Somehow purse contains a nail file but not a pen. When did I become That Girl?

Yes, I said purse.  I told you this was Mom’s Day Out! (Actually just needed something to carry the smart-looking book I carry to impress the dr.)

Surprise! Get another ultrasound today.  Stephen is going to be mad he missed it…

Ultrasound room is warm, dim, and full of quiet machine-humming sounds. Wonder what they’d charge me to stay here for an extra hour so I can nap before I go home?

Attentive Nurse tucks me in with pillows and towels.  Consider requesting a moist heated one to go over my eyes, and maybe some cucumber slices?

Hello Tres! Sonogram faces are the sort only a mother could love. Happy to see swooshing heartbeat, kicking feet, & curved dot-to-dot spine.

Wish I’d just made a t-shirt: WE STILL DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

Dr. H keeps flexing his arm as if it’s sore. Don’t want to think about what he might have been doing earlier this morning.  (Wish I could erase from memory all those Baby Stories I watched in college)

He laughs nervously when I mention early induction, thinks/hopes I’m joking. No luck, Doc…I’m That Lady this time. Have you read the story of the persistent widow? I have.

Only 7 appts left until due date.  When you put it that way, makes me feel like we’ve almost made it!


4 responses to “Live Tweeting a Visit to the OBGYN

  1. leslie.caroline

    Love it! Totally worth the wait!

  2. lol – can’t wait to meet this baby! 🙂

  3. Awesome update! I’ve got a funny side note for you. Working at Chick-fil-A instills some odd habits, and the last thing you want to say to your OBGYN after an exam is “my pleasure”…
    Free laugh at my expense 🙂

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