One of my all-time favorite books is called the Hawk and the Dove Trilogy (published in one volume) by Penelope Wilcock.  I discovered this quote in my most recent reading, and I love it for its beauty and imagery.  It’s also the way I hope my own children will feel about our home and family.

Home, I was home. The smell of it, the peace of it! Although it was so small, and we were so many, somehow our home as like a bowl of quietness and light. As I crossed the threshold, I relaxed with a sigh, and the world dropped from me like  a cloak.

The kitchen was filled with the wonderful aroma of baked potato. [My sister] Therese pushed a mug of tea into my hand as I came in. Home.  It closed about me like wings folding around me. Therese gave me a thick slice of bread and jam. I sat down at the kitchen table,  utterly content.


One response to “Home

  1. We should make an all time favorites book list – this would definitely be on it. Also To Kill a Mockingbird. 🙂

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