Answer: the Olympics, the Titanic soundtrack, David Crowder worship songs, Nicholas Sparks books

Question: List some things that make me feel nothing.


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So the 2012 Summer Olympics have come and gone.  Apparently this is a big deal.

I can’t say I’m sad to see them go; the whole spectacle reminded me too much of those moments in junior high (and high school) (and college) (and much of my adulthood so far) where I feel like I’m missing out on a big inside joke.

For that week or so after the opening ceremonies , my Twitter feed was dominated by #Olympics posts.  It seemed like everyone who was anyone was glued to the TV, cheering and weeping for Gabby, Jordyn, Michael, and/or the Ethiopians.  After about the fifth post where someone reported being moved to tears, I thought to myself, “Maybe I just don’t remember what the Olympics are about.  It seems like I’m missing out on what it means to be human this summer.”

I decided to give it another chance.  If I was near a TV, I’d turn on the Olympics and it was always some girls playing beach volleyball, with occasional breaks for men running around a track or diving off of a really high platform.  I’d watch intently and listen to the commentary and feel strangely dead inside, much like in those days of yore when I tried to be an excited fan of TGIF, SNL, Monty Python, Creed, or almost any Academy Award winner just because it seemed like the golden ticket to sophistication and popularity.

So I ended up enjoying the Olympics vicariously this year, lurking in the shadows of social media like a wallflower at a party, content to coast through the event on the secondhand enthusiasm of the cool kids’ actual emotional experiences.

(Of course, I missed the opening and closing ceremonies, so maybe my problem was a lack of context, like trying to read only the middle of a book.  But I doubt it, because I don’t know anything about who’s on the radio unless they’ve made a guest appearance on the Michael Medved Show, and the idea of a Spice Girls reunion fills me with…no emotion whatsoever (add them to the list in paragraph 4).  So I’m guessing my response to these splashy bookends to the Olympic festivities would have been more of the same.)

But now it’s all over, and those cool kids are trying to fill the Olympics-shaped void in their lives by jumping into back-to-school festivities and accomplishing the activities on the last clothespins from the Pinterest-inspired Summer Bucket List Bucket.

Meanwhile, we in the Watson house are rocking along in our regular routines.  Our TV viewing has returned to familiar ruts: Frasier when Abby’s sleeping, Dora when she’s awake.  I weep and cheer with true emotion when she falls asleep at naptime without a big fight.  We’re keeping up with stats and watching with interest to see the outcome of that other big race that will conclude in November.  We’re still talking about London, but it’s only because its bridge keeps falling down.

All things considered, life is pretty golden.


2 responses to “Answer: the Olympics, the Titanic soundtrack, David Crowder worship songs, Nicholas Sparks books

  1. I am so with you. The only Olympic coverage I hear/saw was via Hubby as he read the news. I enjoy watching, when I can (never could this time around), and we kept up withe medal count, but, goodness, I don’t get the emotion either.

  2. With no cable, I downloaded a one time viewing pass for my computer. I hooked it up to the TV via hdmi, and had women’s soccer game as background noise for a couple of hours, followed by some other sport called water polo that made me feel like the most out of shape women on earth. Needless to say, that was all the viewing of the Olympics at the our house. I really would have liked to see the women’s floor gymnastics, I thought, but obviously not hard enough to find a way to watch them. I thought I really wanted on this bandwagon, too, but we just ended up watching the Office and Sesame Street. Luckily with no social media (besides reading the few blogs I read) this is the first thing I have heard about them besides the small stats from friends. Sorry Summer ’12, maybe we will do better next time!
    Thanks for writing. I don’t feel alone anymore.
    By the way, are the Olympics over?? 🙂

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