Nesting for the Digital Age

You don’t have to be 9 months pregnant to enjoy nesting.  I’ve been nesting to some degree or another since I was in high school.  Nesting projects are useful and fun for putting off all sorts of unpleasant tasks, including but not limited to: studying for an exam, preparing a report for work, writing thank-you cards, reviewing your monthly budget, having an uncomfortable conversation with a friend or acquaintance.  Nesting is great because you never feel guilty about cleaning (even if you SHOULD be doing something else), and it gives you a reassuring (if false) sense of control over the world around you.

You’re all familiar with the traditional nesting activities: vacuuming underneath furniture, deep-cleaning the refrigerator and freezer, replacing the straw tick in your mattress, organizing closet storage, alphabetizing CDs and DVDs, etc.

But nesting can be so much more than just Ma-style spring cleaning.  Here are some suggestions for Thoroughly Modern Nesting:

  • Organize digital photo files.  This includes deleting all of your photos that are blurry, unflattering, or redundant.  Then put them into small files so that it’s easy to find photos when you need them.  My favorite way to label events is with the date first and description last (“2012 08 Abby’s Birthday”), so that my event files are in chronological order.  (This is not an original idea, but I can’t remember where I read it.)
  • Manage email subscriptions.  Unsubscribe from all the trash that comes into your mailbox that you never read anyway.  (This does not include unsubscribing from this blog!).  Clear the digital clutter so you’re sure to notice the emails that you DO want to read and respond to.
  • Install software updates on your many devices.
  • Manage your friends on Facebook.  Who do you REALLY want to have access to the updates on your cervix, followed by the pictures of your adorable newborn?  (Still do consider limiting the medically explicit posts, unless you cut your list down to family and lifelong-friends only.)
  • Replace batteries in all of your remotes, wireless devices, etc.  And then buy some extras to store away in a handy cabinet.
  • Charge your camera(s).  I KNOW you’ll have your iPhone, but the picture quality is not as good and you’ll want some prints that are nice enough to frame.
  • Go ahead and design your baby announcement at or some other handy-dandy website.  (Oh yes, I did.  If you’re having a “surprise,” it just means twice as much fun.)  All you have to do later is import a picture or two!
  • Update your playlists and podcasts.  You’ll need music for every mood, and you’ll be thankful for simplified options when it’s 2 AM and you’re looking for something new to listen to during a feeding.
  • Create a group of your non-Facebooking friends so that you can mass text or email with a single click from your smartphone when you have  news to share.
  • If you’re getting near a season change, update the wallpaper on your digital screens.
  • Buy extra ink for your printer.
  • Organize your digital videos.  Use a software like iMovie to pare down all those videos to a “highlights” movie.  This is the most tedious of all the chores I’ve listed here, but the payoff is worth it!
  • Stock up your Kindle with a variety of new and exciting things to read.  I didn’t have access to one when I was nursing Abby, and I’m excited to get to read without actually having to wrangle the pages of a paperback or the weight of a hardcover.

Whew!  Throw yourself into these fun and fulfilling activities, and it will feel like Baby time gets here faster than Google can return search results!


One response to “Nesting for the Digital Age

  1. “…replacing the straw tick in your mattress”…yep, I just finished that pesky chore last week! LOL

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