Reasons to Love Having a Fall Baby

You get to wear a maternity swimsuit all summer.  Everyone raves about your cute belly, and no one mentions or notices that extra 30 pounds you’re carrying elsewhere.


(Also, no one hints that maybe you should put down the popsicle and cool down with some crunchy celery sticks instead.)

In the fall, temperatures have dropped slightly so that you can carry your newborn around in your Moby wrap without one or both of you having a heat stroke.

Fall fashions such as scarves, jackets, sweaters, andlong pants are perfect for disguising the extra squishiness around your thighs and middle.

You can save postage by sending out baby announcements with your Christmas card.  You can even be extra thrifty and make ONE card for both purposes.

You can eat everything you want at the family feasts and still end Thanksgiving week one pound lighter than you started. (Oh, yes, I did!)

You look like Dolly Parton in your family’s Christmas card photo.

Babies and pumpkins were made for each other.


Birthday parties provide opportunities for fun Halloween alternatives for the next 18 years.


2 responses to “Reasons to Love Having a Fall Baby

  1. Colden was born Nov 2, and I’m telling you, it’s the best! Those extra layers also help make nursing is a breeze, and the child is not suffocating covered up! Kids can wear costumes to the birthday party because they are for sale everywhere and it gives the kids, and adults, a fun reason to wear them! Pumpkin patch parties are the best!
    The other one was born in May, and I did not want to swim at all that year, we sweat into a pile of goo together when I worn him, and I thought he was going to suffocate in the backseat that summer every time I put in his car seat, or put him under the nursing cover!

  2. I laughed out loud at the Dolly Parton joke.

    Love those babies!

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