2012, in a Word

Something about the holidays makes me sentimental.  So bear with me as I look back at the year one more time before I start to think about 2013.

Some people like to choose theme words instead of making resolutions, but coming up with one word in January to sum up the next twelve months puts too much pressure on a new year, in my opinion.  But I think it’s great fun to pick a word to describe the year that’s already been spent.  In our family, 2011 was the Year of Grace.  And we’ve certainly had plenty of grace this year, too!  But we’re ending the year on such a high note, it feels right to pick a word that’s a bit more triumphant.  And so without further ado, I name 2012 the Year of Joy.

Here is the proof:

IMG_6342 DSC02213 leslie-6740 IMG_1300 IMG_1347IMG_0751DSC02374photo-15IMG_1731Abby-7167 IMG_0104DSC02586 IMG_1745IMG_7222 IMG_7254 IMG_1985 IMG_2037DSC_0541

credit: AliRae Photography

(last 2 pictures credit AliRae Photography)


3 responses to “2012, in a Word

  1. oh i love these. such a lot of joy in those faces!

  2. Ali did such a fantastic job! I love those pictures!

  3. Makes me happy to see these photos!!

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