Precious Memories for the Third Child

There are unique blessings to be experienced by the child at each stage in the birth order.  For the third child, Mom’s careful record of your childhood memories is just not one of them.

I posted a couple of times about the scrapbook that I made for Abby, a hand-crafted, heartfelt account of my pregnancy and her first year.nov 022nov 024October 087

I started a scrapbook for Sam back when we still knew him as “Cheerio,” but that project never got off the ground.  As it all turned out, a better way to save all of Sam’s special things was a box that I bought at Michael’s.  I actually intended to re-cover the box with boyish scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, but as time went on those giant flowers kind of grew on me.


Then came Jem.  I didn’t even think about a scrapbook for him until after he was born, and I realized that I didn’t have a place to store our bracelets from the hospital.  I asked Stephen if he thought a boy would be appreciative of an Abby-style scrapbook.  “Do you wish you had a record of all of your mom’s thoughts when she was pregnant with you and when you were a baby?”

“Honestly, no.” admitted Stephen.  “Just a few souvenirs is plenty.”

So, Jem’s getting  a box as well, although I haven’t made it back to Michael’s to get one yet.  So, meanwhile, he gets lots of good intentions:



One response to “Precious Memories for the Third Child

  1. I can tell you about Stephen’s birth. He was in a big hurry to get here & I thought that I was going to have to deliver him along side the road!

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