Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

My blog reading has slowed way down lately, but one of the ones I still try to keep up with is called Like Mother, Like Daughter.  They have a weekly linkup featuring four photos with these captions: Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real.  When I first started reading, I thought this was a really random set of adjectives.  I’ve since come to appreciate how those four words really do cover most of the bases of life at home; and because one of the primary purposes of this blog is to hold onto my memories of these crazy years with my little ones, I thought I’d try this feature for myself.  I’m not committing to a weekly post, but will try to do this regularly.



The Epiphany candles are out on our table again to light up January.  This year’s centerpiece doesn’t have as many candles as last year’s, but it’s a much prettier display, using a bread serving tray that hardly ever gets to come out of the closet, and also some salt to give the fake-snow effect.  It’s been 70 degrees here every day this week, so obviously the reference to the dark, cold winter is purely symbolic.



Abby is quite the photographer these days, but the selfie is her favorite photo genre.  Of course, this photo was actually taken by one of her longer-armed aunts.  But you can see that she’s having fun with that feature that lets you see yourself as you’re taking your own picture on the iPhone– it’s a narcissist’s dream.



I told you I can barely keep the kids bathed and fed, let alone get to those daily chores like sweeping the floor or folding the laundry.  So it was a real treat when I put a hold on all of those depressing, undone-again jobs last weekend* while Stephen went out of town and treated myself to a feel-good organizing project.  I cleaned out and straightened up the clothes shelves in my closet (YES this is an improvement), and I traded storage cubes with Abby so that this tall unit is now ALL MINE.  It was so fun to give everything a good dust and re-organize my books and storage boxes to clean up our room a bit.  I’ve still got some progress to go, but I got it neat enough to live in, and the furniture switcheroo made it feel like a total room makeover!

*”Put a hold on” = neglected



This is just for a season, but I’ve totally become that mom who gets dressed up to go out, then changes into her stretchy pants as soon as she gets back home.  My outfit today is the shirt I wore to Bible study (under a cute sweater top) this morning, with a Bella band, some super comfy knit pants, and my slippers.  And it’s 1 PM.

I’m not proud of it, but that post-pregnancy squishy belly has not vanished as quickly this time around as it did the other times…I’m suspecting it might have something to do with Dr. Pepper, ice cream, and/or Starbucks.  But I’m not making any rash decisions until I have conclusive proof.  Meanwhile, my regular pants pinch around the middle in a rude way like that annoying skinny friend saying, “Are you sure you want that handful of chocolate chips?”

Anyway, it’s also hard to justify wearing my nice jeans around the house when I only have two pairs and they’re going to get drenched in spit up anyway.

Is that enough excuses for you?  I’m hoping to go back to my usual chic self sometime soon, even on those days when I just have the babies for company, but for now I’m embracing the elastic waistband.

And speaking of REAL, yes that is Jem’s crib in the middle of our bathroom.  He slept there for a few weeks when it was cold outside and we wanted him in a small room that was easy to climate-control with a humidifier and space heater.  Also, it was nice to shut the bathroom door as an extra barrier between his nighttime crying (fortunately minimal) and his light-sleeper sister.  He’s been in his real bedroom for a week on a trial basis, and it’s been a success so I think we’ll go ahead and move the pack and play out of the bathroom.  We’ve started draping clothes over the edges, and that’s a slippery slope I don’t want to go down.

That’s all for now, folks… clutter patrol calls again.


7 responses to “Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real

  1. like it 🙂

  2. came here from phfr -> you are funny!

  3. leslie.caroline

    love this 🙂

  4. Well, I just spent more money than I thought I ever would on lounge pants that have a control top to hold in the baby squishy tummy (that I can’t really claim since Seth is mere months from turning three) while I hang out around the house AND wear out and about because I justify that it’s such a yoga culture here, that I’ll fit in, right?

    And Ian used to sleep in the bathroom on occasion, too, as an infant because the vent made such a nice white noise. 🙂

  5. We moms have to say goodbye to tight clothes. Just get some nice clothes that aren’t tight! It’s okay, because you’re beautiful and can still look nice and put together without the agony of pinchy waistbands!
    Thanks so much for joining!

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