Catching Up

It’s been almost a whole month since my last post (not counting the gift list), and I don’t even know where to begin catching up.  I’ll take you on a quick tour of the past few weeks, and then we’ll see what seems to beg for more detail.

Easter was a wonderful celebration, despite the fact that Abby came down with an inconvenient fever on Good Friday.  For the second year in a row, we gathered with some friends and family Friday night for David Platt’s Secret Church, which is a 6-hour sermon event that we watched via webcast at my parents’ house.  This year the teaching was on “Heaven, Hell, and the End of the World.”  It’s not every day I’d stay up past midnight to catch the fifth hour of a sermon, but this event is worth every minute.

On Saturday we kicked off our Easter celebration at home, where we dyed eggs, ate our first feast of the weekend, and enjoyed the truly delicious Resurrection rolls.  Sunday we went to church, but because of Abby’s pesky fever, we had to miss the big Watson celebration in the afternoon.  (I actually think that I was more disappointed than Abby!)  My mom consoled me with a lovely lunch and egg hunt at her house, and then we took some family pictures in the bluebonnets. By Monday Abby had been fever-free for 24 hours, and there were still cousins, leftovers, and plastic eggs at Stephen’s parents’ house, so we went over there and enjoyed a third day of Easter fun.


IMG_9981 IMG_0852

That all feels like a hundred years ago.

Since then, we’ve actually spent time with the extended Watson family again.  We’re all going through a hard time right now, the kind that makes us all just want to get together and hug a little more than usual, so we’ve all jumped at any excuse to end up at Mom and Dad’s house all at the same time.  We already have our next few get-togethers on the calendar, and we’re all really counting on the fact that if my in-laws ever feel overwhelmed by the extra pressures of cooking and hosting us all that they will speak up and let us pitch in more than usual.  Meanwhile, we’re all brimming over with affection for each other and we even have matching family shirts to prove it now.  Abby puts hers on the second it comes out of the dryer, every time.

In other news, Stephen and I took a quick trip to Orlando for The Gospel Coalition National Conference.  We stayed in a nice hotel and enjoyed eating outdoors and sitting in the pool while all of our poor friends in Texas shivered and bundled up against unseasonably cold April showers.  Abby stayed with her grandparents, but we took Jem with us, and he proved to be once and for all the easiest baby ever.  He didn’t even cry on the airplane, although I almost did when we were trying to get home and it was already late and they announced that our flight would be extra long because we were being rerouted.  Anyway, we heard lots of great teaching and I got to have a quick chat with my celebrity crush Nancy Guthrie (Not a crush-crush, of course; I just think that everything she does is awesome).

And among all this excitement, in all my free time, I’ve been trying to keep my kitchen counter from becoming engulfed by clutter (where does it all come from!?!?), trying to keep tabs on the goop in Jem’s eye (a normal amount, or cause for concern?), tackling some spring cleaning projects, and daily reestablishing my position as Alpha Female in our family.  These days, Abby is a total delight and a complete pill, often both in the space of the same five minutes.  I’m sure I’ll talk more on that subject.

She’s back on a big Barney kick, and we’re currently conducting an experiment to see how many consecutive days a child can be entertained by watching Barney’s Top 20 Countdown.  We’re at 47 days and showing no signs of slowing down.

But enough about me.  How have YOU been?


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. I’ve been great – thanks for asking! Enjoyed being a part of the Orlando trip by spending time with my favorite three year old! And I agree that Jem is the easiest baby ever, except for the fact that he is a total body workout to carry him around. LOL!

  2. Your thoughts make me smile:) We are praying for your niece Amanda and her parents and brother.

  3. Both of your children look HUGE! I can’t believe how fast they grow when you don’t see them all the time! Jem is precious (Abby, too, like always)! Missing the bluebonnets. We have wildflowers in AZ, but nothing like the spring in TX!

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