{Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real} Easter and Florida Vacay Edition

“Capturing the Context of Contentment” with Like Mother, Like Daughter 

round button chicken



This was another sweet one from our Easter picture-taking.


This is Stephen and Jem at our hotel in Florida.  It was beautiful, and since the whole conference was contained in the hotel and conference center, we bumped into celebrities all the time!  I didn’t see Hugh Grant, of course, but to nerds like us, standing in a lobby with Tim Keller was almost as exciting.


On Halloween we took only two terrible-quality pictures of the kids in their cute coordinated costumes.  Ever since then, I’ve been intending to dress them back up and take some better ones.  Well, you know what they say: better late than never!  Of course, that is not the same costume for Jem (he was only 2 weeks old), but it’s actually much cuter than what he wore originally.


IMG_0903Stephen and I were so proud to sport the latest edition of our church t-shirts at our church picnic, but we went straight to the airport from there, and all of the sudden the matchy-matchy look felt super lame.  In this picture, we’re trying to play it cool, as if we’re one of those couples who wear coordinating t-shirts on purpose.

IMG_0930So have I made my case about what totally cool parents we are?  Because this surely seals the deal.  What six-month-old doesn’t think it’s a total trip to have his picture taken in a Martin Luther face cutout?
This is Reformation humor at its finest.


DSC02949 DSC02964

This year we dyed Easter eggs with a Pinterest-inspired method of mixing food coloring into shaving cream.  It was hugely messy, but fun.  The green and yellow food coloring didn’t stick at all, but the blue and red made the pretty eggs that you see in the second picture.

IMG_0800 IMG_0799

Most of the resurrection rolls collapsed in the oven (photo 1), and only two actually looked like empty tombs (photo 2).  Also you have to overlook the heretical symbolism of “Jesus’s body” melted out all over the parchment paper.  But this little cooking activity was tons of fun, and we’ll definitely do it again.
I do believe this is the most heavenly way to eat a Crescent Roll, and I don’t say that lightly.


Jem’s first plane ride!  He was a great sport.


A few weekends ago we spent an afternoon in Aggieland celebrating Auntie Leslie’s Ring Day.  How good do my kids look in maroon?!



Do you want to know how many days this stuck out of my trunk before I looked closely enough to figure out that it was a wet wipe?
(I actually don’t know the answer.  But it’s more than one.)

IMG_0141 IMG_0100No one was actually having as much fun as the {pretty} picture would have you believe.  Both the pouting and the mad face are genuine Abby, not posing for the camera.  But what did we expect, dressing up our children just for a photo op like this was some episode of Toddlers and Tiaras?

That’s quite enough for one day.  And NOW you’re totally caught up on our life.  Hopefully I’ll be back with some deep thoughts next week.  🙂


3 responses to “{Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real} Easter and Florida Vacay Edition

  1. leslie.caroline

    The baby Luther and the uncooperative Abby pictures are too funny.
    Y’all are the best.

  2. Ha! That mad face is hilarious. E’s pout involves drooping her shoulders and skulking off out of the room. It is quite dramatic. Like your updated family pictures on the blog.

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