What I’ve Discovered in May

My blog reading is down to an all-time low level, but one of the ones I’ve kept up with is called Chatting at the Sky.  One of my favorite regular features is the “what I’ve learned” post each month, and so I thought I’d borrow the theme.


1.  C.S. Lewis is a great writer.  I know this is like discovering sliced bread, but I’ve not read his books before, except for a few of the most famous ones.  So for the next few months I’m planning to fill in this gap in my education.  I’ve started with The Problem of Pain (because it was one that we already owned), and already it’s very thought-provoking.  I’ve not been great with remembering what I read lately, so I’m trying to go slowly, taking notes and summarizing in the margins as I go to try to be a more active reader.

2.  I bought a Groupon to make a photo book using MyPublisher.  I’m not a fan.  The process of making the book was frustrating, and I hated the final product that came in the mail.  I literally threw away the original book and re-made it in Picaboo.  It was completely worth the extra time and money.  On a positive note, I am currently trying out PicMonkey for online photo editing (specifically, adding text to photos), and so far I like it.

3.  I needed a new swimsuit top this year, and I found this great one at Target.  I think it has more Spandex in it than a normal swimsuit, so it keeps me looking trim in all the right places, and also fights back against pulling and tugging by baby hands.  We went on a little swimming family vacation last week, and I loved having a suit that I could wear with confidence!

4.  I’m also a fan of this year’s flag shirts at Old Navy.  It’s been a long time since I bought one, and I think they’ve made some improvements.


5.  Eric Liddell became a missionary to China after he won a gold medal in the Olympics.  Jackie Robinson was a committed Christian.  Father Brown is a delightful priest/sleuth that I can’t believe I’ve never met before.   The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a delight even on the 25th (or so) reading.   Seriously, people.  Reading is so great.

6.  Jem got his first ear infection this month, so I learned that when you give medicine to a baby, you should pinch his mouth so that he can’t spit the medicine back out.  Aiming the syringe into the back of the cheek helps keep the liquid in the mouth as well.  Also, amoxicillin smells as good as I remember it from when I was a kid.

7.  Enough with playing it cool; I’m just going to indulge my unsophisticated side.  I think Grumpy Cat is hilarious, every time.

How about you? Have you discovered anything interesting lately?


3 responses to “What I’ve Discovered in May

  1. “Seriously, people. Reading is so great.” I love the understated profundity of this observation. And I could not agree more!!! It is SERIOUSLY so great. One of my students bragged to me one time that he didn’t read any of the books I assigned. Little did he know, I only felt sorry for him. Right now I am re-living the beautiful story of Christians and Jews in Europe trying to follow Christ when Hitler was on the move to obliterate them, in Bodie Thoene’s wonderful series (one of my all-time favorites) “The Zion Covenant.” I love the people in it and am already dreading the end of the books (six in the series)…Worth re-reading. Again.
    And one of my favorite things about grownup children (and small grandchildren <3) is the blessing of reading and discussing books of all kinds!

  2. I learned that even adult house guests might have liquid diarrhea on your bathroom rug and avoid notifying you. And my mommy superpowers kicked in as I was surprisingly undaunted by the task of cleaning it up. Thank goodness is was a solid white rug, and I had plenty of bleach! I just threw is in the wash with some spray in wash 🙂

  3. Hey, what size did you get in the swimsuit top? I could use one, too… feel free to message me rather than post if you’d like. It appears to only be available online? A little nerve-wracking to buy a swimsuit online especially with this unpredictable post-baby body of mine! But I trust you!

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