The Sweet Life of Jem

The tagline for the PHFR series at Like Mother, Like Daughter is “capturing the context of contentment.”  Now, I’ve been a lot of things lately–frustrated, exhausted, scatterbrained, overwhelmed, to name a few–but content is not one of them.  Jem, however, is the poster baby for contentment, so as a reward he gets to be the subject for this special edition photo update.

round button chicken



My sister Leslie took some pictures of the kids for Father’s Day.  We took these pictures at Bee Creek Park in College Station, which is extra fun because when I was in college my roommate and I used to come to this very park and decompress by sitting on the swings and talking about baby names.  And now here are my babies sitting in that very same spot.


I could use any picture in this category; Jem is pretty happy whether we’re hanging out at home or on the go!

IMG_1235 IMG_1208 IMG_1287photo-28 photo-26

The last two pictures are from our mini-vacation to Wisconsin. We had a fun time at Lake Michigan and later enjoyed live music at an Irish pub!


She put her headband on him, and then pointed and laughed. And so it begins: the life of a little brother!
Abby and the cousins were “playing house” with an old cradle in the toy room at Stephen’s parents’ house.
Abby is trying to make Jem look at the camera. You can tell she’s determined to keep him in line!

I’m loving watching sibling love growing between Jem and Abby.  I took Jem on a road trip to Milwaukee last weekend and a couple of times when he was fussing in the car, the only way to perk him up was to get out my phone and show him a video of Abby singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  Instant smiles!


Here’s some outtakes from the photo shoot:


Even sibling love has its limits.


Gaaaah, flies!

Also, does anything say, “younger sibling” better than this?  I didn’t think so.



5 responses to “The Sweet Life of Jem

  1. leslie.caroline

    Ah I love this 🙂 I love that baby! 🙂

  2. Love the last pic!!! That’s why all our bags are neutral colors and say “watson”!

    Clint Sent from my iPhone

    • I love getting your neutral diaper bag hand-me-downs! I’m sure at the time I thought, “How hard will it be for Future Lindsey to make a new bag tag?” If I could only go back in time and tell her she has no idea…

  3. fly on the face: for only 37 cents a day, you can sponsor this precious little boy in Killeen Texas…

    he’s the cutest!!

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