What I Learned in June

I know it seems like I just did this, but I wanted to join the linkup at Chatting at the Sky, so here I go again.  Can you believe I’ve learned TEN things since June 4?

1.  When I eat colored sweets I always like red the best because red means either cherry or strawberry.  But in a bag of Haribo Gummi Bears (as if there’s any other kind worth eating), it’s the green ones that are strawberry flavored.  Red is raspberry-flavored and kind of bland.  I’d have never thought to question my red-is-best assumption but for a blind taste test my sister conducted when we had some time to kill late one night at a gas station outside of Little Rock.  Some people may let their brains stagnante on a road trip through the midwest, but not me; I’m always learning.

2.  If you’re looking for a fun and quick beach read, I’d recommend Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.  It’s as much fun in its hugely outrageous plot as it is in its witty, satirical details.  You won’t earn college credit for this novel, but you’ll definitely LOL.

3.  A few weeks ago I complained about how I can’t figure out how to navigate the new iTunes.  Well, with one tiny tweak, you can get the old look back.  Thanks, Stephen, for setting at least one little corner of the universe back to the way it should be.

4.  Three apps I’ve started using on my iPhone: Starbucks.  Endless Alphabet (for Abby).  Daily Audio Bible.  I recommend all three.

DAB is a one-year Bible listening plan with nice nature sounds in the background.  Sometimes the host, Brian Hardin, gets too chatty for my taste, and sometimes his reading voice gets a bit affected and annoying.  But overall I think it’s one of the more pleasant Bible-on-tape projects I’ve heard.  One more caveat: apparently there’s a whole DAB world subculture, and they host “family gatherings” and call in with prayer requests, and you hear all about it if you keep the recording going past the daily reading.  But it’s easy to turn it off and miss out on all that extra stuff, if you’re not in the market for one more online community.

5.  If you make cupcakes the night before someone’s birthday and then make rolls the next morning, make sure your pans of cupcakes are not left sitting on the stove top, or your icing will melt and your cupcakes will look like they’ve been decorated by an eighth grade boy.

6.  You know I’m no big fan of water, but I drank some just tonight that was flavored with mint and sugar and it was delicious.  Here’s something else I didn’t know: if I had mixed it with bourbon, I could have made a mint julep.

7.  People always love to hate on TSA employees, but I had another really great experience flying with Jem last week. All the people at airport security were polite and accommodating.  I just thought I should state that for the public record.

8.  Old Navy claims that their Rock Star cut jeans are “universally flattering.”  This is false, and I want my self-esteem back.

9.  If you like the way things are, and make a point to stay the same, but everyone around you changes, guess what you’ve got?  Change.  It’s like death and taxes: unavoidable.

10.  Speaking of Old Navy, flip-flops are on sale tomorrow only for $1.


3 responses to “What I Learned in June

  1. leslie.caroline

    HA! I laughed out loud at 8.

  2. @leslie.caroline – me too! I believe there is no such thing as “universally flattering”

  3. I enjoyed your take on life. I currently don’t own a pair a jeans and want to buy a pair when I am in the states this fall. Very nervous about finding a pair that fits right and looks good. I will be cautious with the universally flattering. 🙂

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