Four Nuggets and a Freebie. You are Welcome.

(Sorry to those of you who got a draft of this post sent to your email. I accidentally hit “publish” instead of “save draft” earlier this afternoon.)

I’m still a little bitter at Pinterest for all the powdered milk I wasted making the BEST HOT COCOA MIX EVER that ended up being completely undrinkable. But I have to give credit where credit is due, and I’m pretty excited about four pins that have just significantly improved my quality of life lately.

1. Laundry Basket Baby Bath


For those rare and quiet moments when Jem gets to take his own bath, a low-tech towel on the bottom of the tub works great for keeping him from slipping around. But usually I’m trying to wrangle both kids in the water at the same time, and on those occasions, this little trick works great for keeping him upright as well as giving him a useful barrier against his sister’s enthusiastic water play. I used to use a Bumbo, but the laundry basket is much more stable, gives Jem his own private water to splash in, and gives his thighs plenty of room to be themselves.

2. Black Bean and Quinoa Tacos

I feel “meh” about quinoa, but it’s such a trendy little superfood I always want to cook with it anyway. This taco recipe is the bomb– it’s one of those great ones that whips up in 15 minutes and that you can make a hundred different ways based on what you like and/or what happens to be in your fridge and cabinets. So far this is my favorite variation:


1. Saute onions in oil until soft.  Add black beans, cooked quinoa, petite diced tomatoes, mild green chiles, and corn to the skillet. Season with taco seasoning and heat through. Serve in tortillas or on salad greens and top with avocado, fresh tomatoes, and shredded cheese.

2. Eat an extra big serving of ice cream for dessert because you were such a good girl (or boy) at dinner!

3. My Weekly Budget App


I have tried every free budgeting software and method that exists in the universe. They’re all variations on the same theme: decide where to spend your money BEFORE you get it all in the bank, and then keep track of every dollar to make sure the money ends up where it is supposed to. There’s nothing especially magical about this app, but it works for me. I like that it’s simple and based on weekly totals.


4. Easy shower cleaner


Fill the handle of a cheapo dish scrubbing sponge with equal parts white vinegar and blue Dawn soap. Then use it to clean your shower. I read somewhere that cleaning the shower while in the shower was one of those “not worth it” life hacks. But I totally disagree; the only obligation worse than taking a shower is cleaning the shower, so I like to kill the two dreaded birds with one stone.  This method is doesn’t add too many minutes to my shower routine, and the best part is IT WORKS.

Also, I am not getting paid for that sneaky product placement.

5. Buy Bread and Wine


This is not from Pinterest, but it’s a freebie tip: Please do yourself a favor and buy this book.

It would be worth the price just for the pleasure of reading it, but it also contains really great recipes. I made the Blueberry Oatmeal Crisp last week, and not only was it delicious, it was healthy enough to eat it for breakfast guilt-free. I’m not going to post any hints about the recipe here, though, so you’ll go buy a copy of this book for yourself.

2 responses to “Four Nuggets and a Freebie. You are Welcome.

  1. I was quite disappointed when I clicked over to find the post wasn’t there earlier.
    The best thing about cleaning the shower while in the shower is you get to shower a bit longer. Totally worth it.

  2. Loved these! This is the second (third?) recommendation I’ve heard for Bread and Wine, so I may just have to check it out.
    Oh, and on the note of little boy thighs and Bumbos, I wish I had known about the laundry basket idea several months ago, since Bobby’s thighs NEVER fit in a Bumbo. I blame Pinterest for letting me down on the tip, not you. 🙂

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