A Day Like This

This summer Abby learned the song “On a Day Like This,” which is one of those VBS-type song staples that includes one repeating line interspersed with lots of onomatopoeia words and hand motions.  It’s the kind of song that you can hear in June and still be singing in August, and with this song, that’s a really good thing.  I don’t know the sounds and motions (on purpose), and so it’s just that chorus that sticks in my head, and those simple lines have been worth meditating on every day this summer.

It’s 9 AM and there’s spit up on my third clean shirt of the day.  The baby is fussy and the three year old isn’t pleased with anything and it takes all of my self-control not to join the kids in crying inconsolably and screaming in frustration because all I really wanted this morning was to finish my coffee while it was hot and get the breakfast dishes put away before it was time to start lunch.

On a day like this…

I feel the weight of sadness of stillbirth, unemployment, infertility, cancer.  Husbands deployed and friends waiting on test results and my heart is heavy before I’ve even tuned into today’s headlines.  The sorrow overwhelms and I think, “the world is too much with us,” and “How long, O Lord?” and I fear the future.

On a day like this…

I wash the dishes extra loud so he can hear me. The muddy footprints and the stained shirt feel like personal affronts.  I get to thinking I’m too much of a diamond for the thankless work I do all day, and I begrudge everyone else in the world their important jobs and dry-cleaned clothes and their hot dinners eaten with two hands.

On a day like this…

I woke up rested and did my exercises, I got lots of hits on the blog and likes on my statuses, my kids behaved in public and kept their shirts clean, the house is tidy and the new recipe actually turned out like the picture and was hot on the table at 6:00 sharp.  I’m pretty proud of myself and my systems and I start to think maybe the world would run as perfectly as my household if only God (and everyone else) would take some pointers from me.

On a day like this…

The day is full of sunshine and birthday parties and laughter and friends.  The conversation flows without awkwardness  and the Dr. Pepper is cold and there are too many gifts to count.  I am comfortable and content, and I feel perfectly at home, right here, in this place that is NOT my home.

On a day like this,
On a day like this,
Oh, I need the Lord to help me!


2 responses to “A Day Like This

  1. By the way, in case you have not been privileged to hear this song, you can check it out here, in all of its camp glory:

  2. Amen, amen. Thank you for this today, Lindsey. I will think about this every day this week {at least!}. And I might be clapping and snapping and…too.

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