62 hours, 51 syllables

I loved the post about Birth Story Haikus from Conversion Diary. I love a good birth story as much as the next girl, but they do tend to be a bit heavy on details, especially the kind that are not appropriate for a public venue. I thought I’d try to tackle the challenge of telling you about the day I met each of my kids for the first time, in exactly seventeen syllables.

August 27, 2009:

Time’s up for TH.
3 days’ work,* dignity lost.
All worth it: A GIRL!

Abby Newborn pics 530

July 15, 2011:

Plain, normal labor.
One final push, then silence.
Hello, Goodbye, Sam

October 12, 2012

No room at the inn?!?!
Now making up for lost time.
7 hours– Jem!



*Okay, it wasn’t three full days.  I went in on Tuesday night, and Abby was born Thursday morning.


3 responses to “62 hours, 51 syllables

  1. Laughed and cried. ❤

  2. these are awesome Lindsey! I love the spirit you have amongst some of lives trials. Miss y’all lots.

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