Counting Gifts, 9/26


2096. Suits and ice cream with Stephen after the kids are sleeping

3004. Quiet time in the early morning for reading & study

3012. New friends around the dinner table


3016. New tricks and recognizable syllables from Jem: Mama, Uh-oh!, Dog, Bye-bye

3020. Puffy white clouds, crisp blue sky, almost fake-looking in its perfection

3023. Abby in her favorite too-small pink nightgown

3032. Abby’s first 4-wheeler ride!

3033. Hot bare feet in cool water

3041. “New” high-tops. Pink cardigan with flower flair. Braided hair and cowgirl boots. Loving preschool fashion!20130926-110130.jpg

3042. Almost too cold as I’m chasing chickens in the early morning. Thought about changing out of shorts into pants!!

3047. Some difficult days at home (willful girl and pouting mama) provide good opportunities for “field research” for new blog series!

3049. Long personal notes through FB Messenger and email– as delightful as a hand-written letter!


3053. Pumpkins!!

3054. Jem playing happily with my old Little People

3055. Abby’s new fake camera smile

3059. Abby shouting at Stephen through the baby monitor (not a walkie-talkie, Abby!)

3061. Sleepy baby snuggles and smells

3070. “I did it myself!”  Proud smiles



2 responses to “Counting Gifts, 9/26

  1. Love all of these!

  2. Love it. And as you know, still counting. Changed my life!

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