Introduction: What the Heck is a Liturgical Home?


Welcome to 31 Days at Running in Circles!

You’re probably joining me for this series because you’ve been waiting for some instruction on how to incorporate some golden regalia into your fall/winter wardrobe, how to get your kids to swing a censer through the house without hitting one another, and/or how to get your family on board with eating a foam wafer and a thimble full of grape juice for at least one meal a day.

Or, not.

The word “liturgy” carries a lot of baggage and expectation with it; to some it evokes feelings of reverence and tradition, and it reminds others of stale, boring hours sitting on hard wooden pews. But most simply, a liturgy is a collection of routines that order a time of worship. Or, as the always-erudite Wikipedia puts it, “liturgy is a communal response to the sacred through activity reflecting praise, thanksgiving, supplication, or repentance.”

In most of our minds, liturgy is something that happens within the confines of a church building on a Sunday morning. But I’ve recently been intrigued by the idea of developing a liturgy for the home; a way to purposefully “respond to the sacred” in the midst of the laundry, the bills, the kids, the errands.

I want all of my days to be saturated in the rhythms of praise, thanksgiving, supplication, repentance. I don’t want spiritual discipline to be a thirty-minute chunk in my daily schedule, I want it to be the soil nourishing all the aspects of my daily routines.

I almost called this series “31 Days to a Liturgical Home,” but that sounded so confident, so finite. But the truth is, establishing a liturgical home is a slow, personal process, and I’m a student, not an expert. So what I plan to do is invite you into my home this month, to share some things I’ve learned, introduce you to some of my teachers, and let you peek in on some of my experiments. The home liturgy you develop may not look like mine, and it will almost certainly grow and flex over time to meet the changing needs of your life and family. But I hope that the next thirty days will give you some questions to ponder, some examples to follow (or reject), and some information to process as you consider what it might look like to develop gospel rhythms in your home.

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4 responses to “Introduction: What the Heck is a Liturgical Home?

  1. I think this will be lovely – so looking forward to this!

  2. yes! yes!

    peace keep you on this journey : )

  3. I’m a pastor’s wife too- My husband is a LCMS Lutheran pastor in WI. 🙂

  4. I love this and am so excited!

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