Meet the Teacher: Noel Piper


from Treasuring God in our Traditions:

“Now although we cannot bequeath God to our children, we can help them know him and understanding him in ways that prepare them to believe in his name.  “Everyday” and “especially” traditions in a family are an important part of that teaching, of picturing who God is and what he’s done in our home and in the world.  Traditions are a vital way of displaying our greatest treasure, of showing what–Who– is most important to us.

“[God-centered traditions] don’t just happen.  They come first from our own hearts that are tuned in to God.  Then they happen because we plan to include our children in the God-air we breathe.  Without planning, we’ll practice our Bible memory just once or twice and then no more.  We’ll do lots of good things, but only a couple of times.  One of the great strengths of good traditions in our lives is the repetition–not something done once, then something else, then another thing altogether, but good things done regularly, dependably, until they become habits.”

(You can order this book from Amazon, or download it as a FREE pdf from Desiring God.)

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