I Spy Something Beautiful

Some days I just need to get a bad day off of my chest, but overall I do subscribe to the view of Ann Voskamp, et al. that gratitude is possible in any circumstance, and that joy is a choice that is mine to make.  It all comes down to a few resolutions:

I choose to see the beauty and goodness around me (not to ignore it or take it for granted).

I choose to be thankful for what I HAVE rather than complain about what I LACK.

I choose to trust that God is shaping me into his image, using a wise and deliberate combination of joy and pain.  Or, in the words of John Newton: “Everything is needful that he sends; nothing can be needful that he withholds.”

So with that in mind, I took my camera around the house on a little treasure hunt. Even amid the crumby floor, the baby clutter, the projects-in-progress, there’s so much loveliness here.


My big girl signing her name in chalk on the back porch


The bad side: Jem got up way too early one morning. The good side: I was awake to hear the most incredible rainstorm.


Also, we got to share this sweet moment


Our thankful leaves have become a family project.  And yes, we’re thankful for Stephen’s broken finger, because we first thought the problem was with the ligament, which would have required surgery (ain’t nobody got time for that!).


Sweet craft from school (the pumpkins are fist-prints)


The clean craft closet!


My mom just handed down a bin full of costumes my siblings and I wore as kids. Hello, Memory Lane!


I die. (Obviously)



My favorite app!


I love these guys! This awesome picture is by my nightstand.


I’m not super into poetry, but I love this. I clipped it from Reader’s Digest years ago and I have it taped to my bathroom mirror so I can read it every day. (I made this picture nice and big so you can read it too.) Such a beautiful picture of old love!


I absolutely adore these books (adore is a fancy word for “like very much.”) Nancy is one of my all-time favorite female protagonists.


And her mom is just the cutest, too!


I love stumbling across little still-lifes from Abby’s play time


Winter has finally arrived in Central Texas. Being cold is miserable; bundling up to stay warm is glorious.


Just the LOL I needed


This terrible picture represents so much goodness: kids sleeping, chocolate brownies and a cup of coffee, my new mocs, electric blanket warming up my bed. And Stephen is queueing up something fun for us to watch on Netflix. So relaxing!

I hope you can have your eyes wide open to see what is beautiful in your own crazy, messy world this Thanksgiving week!

7 responses to “I Spy Something Beautiful

  1. Beautiful. I love (ahem, adore) this!

  2. Yes I love to find little set-ups where Em has been playing. I love seeing her imagination develop, as I am sure you do Abby’s too.

  3. What a lovely idea!

    Thanksgiving Blessings~

  4. Is the bonnet one of the hand-me- downs for your mom?? I remember how many hours we spent playing in those dress up clothes!!

  5. Oh my goodness. Abby in that bonnet!! It makes me want to have a baby THIS VERY MOMENT just so I can force her (him? … wouldn’t matter) into one just like it and return to the days of playing Little House on the Prairie.

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