Advent Roundup

Despite the fact that it’s 80 degrees outside, we’ve hit the ground running in our Advent celebrations.  As you can see, my home is not exactly quiet or contemplative at the moment (I do have small children, after all, and a big wedding in our family in one week), but I’m forging ahead and making do as best as I can.


It’s only December 3, so if you haven’t quite made your plans for Advent celebrations, it’s not too late!  Here are some links to jump start your planning:

The Liturgical Calendar: Advent/Christmas/Epiphany
Everything I have to say about the season, in case you couldn’t think about Christmas in October

Jesse Tree Printable Ornaments and Family Devotions (short and simple) from the Reformed Church in America
A Google search will yield a million results; these are the resources I settled on for this year.  The ornaments are simple line drawings that Abby colors while I read the daily devotional.

A Cornucopia of Advent Ideas from Conversion Diary
Another roundup of fun and easy ideas, including several thoughts about playing hide-and-seek with figures from the Nativity, for those of you who thrive on surprising your children with creative festivity first thing in the morning.

Sensible and practical tips for a Stress-Free Advent from Like Mother, Like Daughter
How can you not love this: “If you must go on Pinterest, gird the loins of your imagination beforehand, or the vintage rustic modern Victorian Scandinavian DIY onslaught will get to you.  Nothing is more important right now than preparing our own heart and the hearts of those entrusted to us for the incredible gift of Christmas.”

Advent: Why it Matters (and how to do it sanely) from the Art of Simple
I’m super interested in the series she mentions called Let Us Keep the Feast. 

Why Celebrate Advent? from The Gospel Coalition
The Bible makes no commands concerning Advent, and there are thoughtful Christians who don’t observe the liturgical calendar.  But I think this is a good summary of some of the merits of including this season in your family rhythms.

Good News of Great Joy by John Piper
Desiring God has lots of good resources for Advent; this is a new ebook of daily readings by John Piper.

4 responses to “Advent Roundup

  1. Thanks Lindsey! We misplaced our Advent book and I was looking for some good resources.

  2. Lindsey, thanks for sharing the RCA links…it looks like the Jesse Tree ornaments that we use are these same drawings. it’s good to know that Helen Phillips of Central Reformed Church drew them!

    do you know The Children’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos–another reformed resource. we use it for the Bible readings in our Jesse Tree. it’s excellent!

    • Thanks for the extra credit given to Helen Phillips. I’m loving her simple drawings!

      We have the Children’s Story Bible, but haven’t used it much because it’s more text-y than our other story Bibles. Maybe this is the year to pull it off the shelf?

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