Before You Post that Status Update…

It’s the season where we’re all trying to cultivate meaningful traditions with our kids, laboring over beautiful decorations, and assembling killer outfits for various social events.  We’ve just survived Dinovember and we’re settling in for a month of Elf/Angel/Baby Jesus on the Shelf, and I thought it might be a good opportunity to point you to a thoughtful post that I’m especially grateful for right now.  It’s a good reminder to do a little heart check before I post a status or a picture and ask myself, “Who am I doing this for?”

Excerpted from “Why You Won’t See Much of My Big Kids Online” 
(Visit The New York Perch for the full text and lots of other great posts!):

My kids are keenly aware of the subtlety between a life lived with them and a life that has been curated to look good, show off, or develop a brand (as we bloggers like to say), and I think yours are too.

They know the difference between sharing a sweet family moment and hauking a lifestyle on twitter, between celebrating their birthday with honor and pomp and handmade bunting that is all for them, and having a reason to snap photos of mad cake baking and decor skills.

There are moments in a family that should be only yours. There are stories you must  tell, messages you must weave and art you must craft in no other place but the very hearts of your children.

Those moments will be quiet and personal and only yours. They will be times of delight and joy, or they very well may be the times that stretch you, exhaust you and make you weary- but they are the very times that will build integrity into your children’s inner lives and knit you together as a family. Our children need this, and honestly, so do you. Because when nothing is ours alone, and when nothing is just theirs…when what we choose to show off of family life is all there is, our real lives will be left wanting.


One response to “Before You Post that Status Update…

  1. Oh my word!!! That is GOOD! Brought me to tears. Also, makes me thankful I’m taking a sabbatical from FB during this holiday season. 🙂 Im excited to share Seeds w my kiddos this Christmas.

    Thank you for all of your sharing! 🙂


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