Introverted Christmas

Even after reading my helpful gift guide, Stephen asked for a list of my specific Christmas wants.  What I came up with was more telling than a Meyers-Briggs test:

1.  Coupon for time alone to read a book
2.  Coupon for time alone at Starbucks to blog
3.  Coupon for time alone to take a nap
4.  Coupon for time alone to shop with Xmas gift cards
5.  Coupon for time alone to clean and organize our room
6.  Coupon for time alone to catch up on house projects
7.  Coupon for time alone while you cook dinner
8.  Coupon for a night by myself at the house
9.  Another cute flannel shirt (no pearl snaps)

And now that an appropriate amount of time has passed from my first Christmas card mailing, I can now publicly reveal this year’s famous photo:


Merry Christmas, friends! I hope this week brings you overflowing hearts and stockings!


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