I feel like I ought to begin by introducing myself. My name is Lindsey, and I used to post on this blog on a regular basis.  May has been busy at our house, as I know it has been for all of you.

Also the truth is I’ve been in a big slump.  Does that ever happen to you?  I’ve been feeling tired and unmotivated to work hard around the house, which means that with every day that has gone by, the chaos has multiplied and the goal of a clean and organized house has seemed less and less attainable.

It’s true what they say: desperate times call for desperate measures.

So here’s a little back story: we live in a lovely but small-ish house with three bedrooms and one living area.  Ever since we moved in, Stephen and I have talked about all of our ideas for making the most of our space, from building an expensive add-on to attempting a garage conversion to creatively repurposing various spaces.  Our best idea in that last category was to put all of the kids in the spacious master bedroom and use the two small bedrooms for our room and a little home office.

Here’s the other part of the back story: Abby’s birthday falls at the end of August, which means I’ve been agonizing since she was born about whether to put her in school as the youngest or the oldest in her class.  I’ve listened to lots of input on this subject, and there are good arguments for both sides.  So after weighing all of the options and considering all of our particular circumstances, I’ve decided to home school for this next year.  I am certain that she’s not ready to go to school for five full days a week, but I also know that after a great year at preschool she’s ready to start some formal school work.

Once we settled the school question, the idea of The Big Switch became inevitable, and we planned to turn the house upside-down sometime late in the summer.  But as the messes grew around me, I realized that part of my lack of motivation came from knowing that I’d be having to re-organize everything soon anyway.  I began asking myself, Why not do it sooner than later?


Goodbye, nursery!

So yesterday Stephen was home for the day and we just did it.  I felt some twinges of sadness as we disassembled Jem’s nursery and Abby’s big girl room, I felt some trepidation about disrupting the kids’ sleeping habits, but mostly I felt lots and lots of energy about the idea of fresh new spaces to organize and arrange.

Have you ever found this to be true? Sometimes when the chaos seems overwhelming, you’ve just got to lean on into it.  My house is a much bigger disaster than it was at this time 24 hours ago.  But my attitude is completely different: even though it will take me months to get everything settled just so, I’m full of ideas and enthusiasm instead of hopeless surrender.

I’ll put up some new pictures as things get settled, but for now, I’ve got four closets that aren’t going to rearrange themselves!


4 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. oh. my. goodness. I’m totally in a slump also! Though I’m enjoying this slump, so I’m reluctant to get out of it. At least, in the since of how busy I am.

    Ugh, rearranging. cleaning out. no fun! I love the idea, but hate the process, so I’m up here in Waco rooting for you to get your house the way you want it, and feeling rather reluctant to take it on here. Just today, I picked up a small extra toy for Little Man at the dollar store, and hubby asked “another toy? more clutter? really?” and I thought, “ugh. He’s right. This simplify thing is not easy for me!” Totally against my nature.

    I don’t think Little Man is ready for any kind of formal schooling, but he’s asking so many questions about stars and seasons and my answers are so random (though I know enough to give him a good answer) I find myself wanting to approach it in more organized way. Maybe this is the blogging direction I can take…..

    • The Big Switch has been really effective in helping to get me out of the slump. BUT, organization projects have always been energizing to me. You are so right, though…keeping the clutter down is a totally unnatural process–requires constant vigilance! You are the science expert…what is the law of the universe about things always moving to a state of disorder?

      I always enjoy hearing different approaches to school questions, so blog away! Sounds like a fun series!

  2. Brave lady! We just moved Levi into a toddler bed, so that makes kid-room-sharing VERY interesting.

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