May at a Glance (A long glance)

One day in early May, I closed my eyes to take a tiny little nap and woke up to find that it is already June 4.  How is this possible??

May began with our annual trip to Sweet Berry Farm.  It’s a fun tradition that we look forward to every spring!


Then we enjoyed a lovely but too-short-as-always visit with my sister and her fiance.  Nick is from a place called Michigan, which is kind of like Canada except it is part of the United States.   We did our best to show him how we have fun in Texas, namely that we get to jump into water from things other than icebergs. (In case it’s not clear from the picture, the young bucks are jumping off of the roof into the pool. Kids, don’t try this at home.)


My mom and sisters planned a road trip to Chattanooga the same week Stephen was out of town speaking at a youth retreat.  They invited the kids and I to join them, but I declined, saying that it was too much trouble to travel with the kids.  Four days before they left, I had a really hard day at home when Stephen was unavailable to come to my rescue, and I decided that nothing could be worse than staying home by myself for a week.  So we threw the kids in the car and headed out.  Guess what!  There were a few terrible moments, but mostly we had a lot of fun.

On May 15 I was delighted to get a shout-out in an a really terrific blog post.  Written by my friend and former co-worker Dave, “Lent and the Liturgy of Facebook” challenged me–big time– on the way that social media has the power to shape the rhythms of my days and influence the way I process experiences, even when don’t have a phone in my hand!

But of course the phone-in-hand does have some advantages, like getting to capture these sweet moments from our trip:

IMG_3333 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3295


While I drove us home through the kudzu, my sister Leslie began reading out loud to me from a very funny novel entitled The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared.  If you think that title is quirky-funny and intriguing, you will probably like the book.  If you think it is random and rambling, you might want to skip the story for one that gets to the point a little faster.  I happened to think this was the perfect start to some summer fiction reading!

Shortly after we returned home was Abby’s end of the year school program and graduation.  Let the record show that I oppose, on principle, all graduation ceremonies except the just-finished-high-school (or greater) variety.  But we are not the kind of folks to rock the boat, so we attended Abby’s program with cameras in hand.  (And also I bought the official portrait.  Because, look at it!)20140603-122615.jpgEnd-of-school programs always make me sentimental, and this one starring my daughter was no exception.  Her little class sang “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” while waving colorful scarves in the air (that song, also, makes me feel all melancholy inside, Thank You Saving Mr. Banks).  That was followed by “With one small voice we will teach the world to sing,” complete with SIGN LANGUAGE, and I just about died.  Then came “Pomp and Circumstance” and a slide show of pictures from the year and then all the little four-year olds parading across the stage in bright red gowns and mortar boards.  It was really too much for one emotional mama!  An evening like that could only be topped off with 50 cent corn dogs and milk shakes from Sonic, so that’s what we did.


On Memorial Day, we began The Big Switch, as you know, and the weeks since have been a blur of trying to re-organize the chaos we created.  It’s no small feat with a little Velociraptor un-doing my work at every turn (while emitting intermittent high-pitched shrieks), a sentimental preschool graduate inspecting the garage sale pile regularly (“This is my favorite toy that I never use!”), and the fact that we are all sleep deprived because the children keep each other up late at night.

One final word, while I’m on the topic of graduations. I went back to my old school last weekend to watch my first class of fourth graders graduate from high school.  There are just not enough words to tell you about what a beautiful and moving afternoon that was!  Three days later, and my heart is still overflowing.  I love those kids, and I love that school.




2 responses to “May at a Glance (A long glance)

  1. leslie.caroline

    I’ve read this three times now, and I laugh and want to cry every time. Love all of this.

  2. I’m excited to find that Dave is blogging! I’ll go read that post in a moment… So fun to see friends who are in the blogsphere, also.

    Sounds like a fun May. With months like that, I forget to blog. Thus, no posts from me for several months…’cause every month since March has been like that. 😛

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