Four and the Big Switch

I thought once our news went public, it would open up the blogging floodgates because I could finally talk about what was Really on My Mind.  Alas, I forgot about one little detail, which this graphic from Our Best Bites sums up so nicely:


Photo Credit: Our Best Bites


Four has been trying his hardest to get me onto an infant schedule from the beginning: eat, sleep, spit up, bathroom. All of the other items that I try to put on the agenda– housekeeping, exercising, socializing, watching Netflix– are unwelcome interruptions to our simple routine.  Four certainly has no regard for the needs of his two siblings that live in our house; it’s only fair, I suppose, because the feeling is totally mutual on the part of the siblings as well.

So the daily routines of parenting Queen Elsa and the Velociraptor have been depleting my resources, big time.  Meanwhile, we are three weeks into The Big Switch and I have hit the most dangerous point in our transition: 70% completion. This means that everything is functional, but nothing is lovely.  It’s tempting to get used to things as they are, and to stop noticing the picture frames leaning against the wall, the homeless clutter on the bathroom counter, the pile of winter sweaters in the corner.

Here are a few more reflections on our current setup:

For all practical purposes, we are sharing one small bathroom for the time being.  It is crazy how much work it is to keep the bathroom clean! Also showering in the proximity of bath toys takes some getting used to.  I’ve never been one to blame my body image issues on my Barbie dolls, but it has been a little unsettling to have a little plastic doll with unrealistic proportions judging me from my soap dish.

Here is a word to the wise: That wall-hanging Velcro that claims it won’t damage your paint is falsely advertised.  I used it copiously when I hung up our collage wall in an attempt to appease nail-hole-averse Stephen.  But the paint pulled off with the Velcro no matter how gingerly I tried to remove it.  I’ve spackled all the damaged spots and now I’m just waiting for my house elf to deliver some fresh paint so we can put a fresh coat on the wall (which, honestly, did need another coat anyway).  I never thought I would live to see the day when he’d tell me, “I just wish you had used nails more often!”


At least they’re not nail holes!

Maybe we’re still in the honeymoon phase, but I LOVE our tiny bedroom.  It feels like being on a cruise every night.  It’s restful to have the computer desk and comfy chairs in a separate room: no reminders of bills to pay or clutter piles to clean, no electronic glowing lights, no convenient places to drape laundry.  Just a quiet bed in a quiet room.  Not that it takes much to get me in the mood for sleeping.20140619-132311.jpg

I like the way the kids’ room is coming together (Real pics to come soon! Waiting to get some wall art up on that splotchy wall.) .  Getting the kids used to falling asleep in the same room has not been a picnic (!!!!!) but I am hoping we’ll get settled into a routine soon.  I’m torn; I fondly remember staying up late with my sisters when we shared a room, and lots of the inside jokes and memories we still reference today come from the silly games we’d play after Lights Out.  This is part of what I’m hoping my kids will get out of sharing a room.  On the other hand, I have  strong sense of entitlement that kicks in around 8:00 and continues until 7:00 the next morning: those are hours for my rest and relaxation and I do not care to interrupt my leisure to re-start the nighttime music, re-heat the rice socks (yes, even in the summer), or answer questions like “Is that whole bowl of ice cream for you?”  So I really hope that it’s not much longer before they’re back to falling asleep in a timely manner.

Regarding the previous paragraph, I am exaggerating, of course.  But not as much as you might think.

Here’s a sneak peek of my latest project, born from a night when Abby was out late and so the house was quiet while I still had some steam left:  I’d been wanting to do something fun with the big master bathroom to make it feel fun and kid-friendly.  So I snagged some original art prints from a prolific local artist, popped them into some of my leftover frames, and painted the mats to help them have a unified look.  Voila!  Fun decor on a budget.  Abby’s verdict: “I love them!”






One response to “Four and the Big Switch

  1. haven’t you shown Stephen the page in the Nesting Place about making a nail hole?! It’s so easy to fix and looks way less traumatic that those big white spots 🙂

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